Rub-on Question

sjarzSeptember 20, 2007

Hi all -

Does anybody know a trick to get a rub-on to work properly that has been sitting around for awhile? I am trying to use some I bought last year, just about rubbed my arm off and still can't get the dang things to come off properly...any tricks out there?

Thanks so much...

Suzan J

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What about heating it a little with a hairdryer. What kind of a rub on is it?

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That was my suggestion - heat it a bit. Don't know if it will work - but it can't hurt !

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Either use the hairdryer suggestion or would holding it over steaming water work? Careful not to burn your fingers on the steam.

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Or, I just thought of something else - what if you wetted a dishtowel and put the rub-on paper inside the folded towel and put it in the microwave for a few moments. (I really am not thinking of getting you burned in any way, LOL!!)

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Craftylady that was really funny -- well I have tried heating the dang thing, I have tried microwaving it, I have tried putting heat on it, I have tried soaking it in hot water --- me thinks now I am going to try a different project altogether! ROFL - stupid, I can't believe this could be so complicated -- one last hope, I bought some others ones yesterday and I'm going to try emailing that company and see if they have any ideas....
Thanks so much for all the suggestions.
Suzan J

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