rethinking budget, what would you do?

YuliaODecember 19, 2013

eeeggggghhhh me again!

we are trying to cut or budget a little bitâ¦Could you tell me what would you choose?

Our initial set up:
BS 36" rangetop
Wolf oven E series
Wolf steam combo (+ 30" trim)
Wolf drawer microwave
Subzero fridge (not changing that)
Miele dishwasher(not changing brand, but might go with cheaper model)

So, not to save me some money, here are some options
-buy sharp drawer microwave or miele regular microwave (999 vs 1739)
-buy wolf range (=getting $1000 rebate, don't need trim for steam oven, i can buy 24" cabinet - i needed 30" cabinet so 30"oven fits, as well)
-buy BS range (again, don't need trim for steam oven if i get a range)
-buy miele steam combo instead of wolf

Which ones would you switch and which ones i would regret not getting later on, what do you think?

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Well, the Wolf drawer microwave is made by Sharp (all drawer microwaves are made by Sharp) - the only difference is the trim.

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My first thought was he same as SJ's, save on the MW.

My second thought - you're obviously splurging on high end appliances in what I presume is a relatively high end kitchen. While I hate to come across as trying to spend your money, I think it would be a shame to compromise on your appliance choices, the savings of which would surely be a small percentage of your remodel. $1000 sounds like a lot of money, but put it into your context. For instance, it's only 33 cents a day if you figure on enjoying your new kitchen for the next ten years. (For the record, I don't pretend to know your financials, and I'd never be saying this if your choices were more mainstream.)

Third thought - If I had my heart set on Bluestar burners (which I can't blame you for) I'd have a hard time settling for less. And while I might get slapped for saying this, it seems to me there are more potential areas for failure or disappointment with Bluestar ovens than I'd be comfortable taking a risk on, with a company that seems hit or miss with customer support. I don't know which Wolf models have/had chipping problems, but I'd do what you planned, a BS rangetop with a separate wall oven.

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The easy decision is the microwave.

In LInk is a Sharp 30" SS drawer brand new with full warranty for $849 with free shipping.

What is your desired budget for the items you are willing to change?

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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This is hard to read.

Just how much $$$ are you trying to save ?

Do you need a drawer microwave ?

A large, conventional stainless one from Panasonic can be had at Walmart everyday for under $200.

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I think i should explain something about my budget. We are buying a house that is almost built. They were going to install Thermador appliances, but we decided to pay the difference and get better appliances. But then we wanted to upgrade bathroomsâ¦tileâ¦install central vacâ¦etc etc⦠so now we re-calculated everything and figured we are going out of our budget (not much but still). So we need to cut a bit here and thereâ¦

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What's the landscaping budget, and can it be cut? Toss down some grass seed for now and call it a day. Shrubs and flower beds can be added at your own schedule without "undoing" much of anything. And probably with cheaper labor (esp if partially DIY) than your builder likely has.

In general I'd be looking to save in places that can wait without spending much on the temporary solution. Finished basement would be another I'd put off, for example.

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the basement is already finished, and landscaping, too (everything is covered in snow here in MA)

but it's a good idea to think about other budgetsâ¦
i think i'll ask about lighting. if the builder is putting in expensive chandeliers we can definitely by those later and save some money on that for nowâ¦

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I would definitely go with the Sharp microwave and not pay $800 to have it rebadged by wolf.

If your builder can get good deals on Thermador, I would explore the Freedom Columns. They are made in the same Factory as Meile, Bosch in Turkey and a Bosch/Thermador product. The side by side Thermador 48" is a kitchen air re-badge. I saved a significant amount on my Thermador columns via my builder that the difference in price between Sub Zero and Thermador wasn't something I could ignore. I also find the Fit and finish of the column product to be quite nice. I did a 30" fridge, 24" freezer and 24" wine column.

I went with Bluestar Platinum 48, Meile dishwasher, sharp microwave for the other options as well as modern-aire ventilation insert for custom hood. Can't wait to get in my house in 2 months.

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He is not getting any deals, he is not a volume builderâ¦So he would just go to the same store i would and get the same pricingâ¦

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I have seen the Thermador columns and the new subzero columns. I have to admit that theThermador strike me as a nicer unit. I thought I initially would go for all subzero, too.

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Agreed. The feel of thd door swing. The LED dimmer lighting. I thought they did a really nice job on the 2nd gen line.

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I am just worried with Thermador getting such a bad reviews on everything, how can their columns be any better?

Is it really comparable to Sub Zero?

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i can also get regular wolf microwave instead of the drawer onesâ¦are they any good?
the price is the same as sharp drawer mwâ¦

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If you do your homework on the Column product you'll find that most owners have no complaint and more so compliments.

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well, i have to agree that i didn't do any homework on thermador columns because i read bad reviews about their other products before and i was not interested in their refrigerators after thatâ¦.

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again - how much $$$ are you looking to cut ???

It's very difficult to advise someone when you don't know what they are looking for. DO you need to save $500? $800 ? $5000 ?

It makes a big difference.

"because i read bad reviews about their other products before and i was not interested in their refrigerators after thatâ¦."

You'd better cross Sub Zero off your list then too. They have bad reviews too.

Ditto with Wolf.
Same with BlueStar......
.....and Miele.

You'd better just build in a fireplace in your kitchen and get on a perpetual ice run because EVERY SINGLE APPLIANCE CO. has bad reviews.

Thermador's column refrigerators are arguably BETTER than Sub Zero's offering. SZ is almost 10 years late to the modular party with their columns that are just shipping now. BTW, I'm a SZ kinda person and have several.

I'd stay away from Thermador's Ranges and Ovens, but their Fridges are just fine - even the regular built ins that are manuf. by a division of Whirlpool. Warming drawers are good too as are their dishwashers which are identical copies of Bosch units with a different silkscreen name.

Customer service is more hit or miss - mainly miss should you need service. Especially compared to Wolf/SZ and Miele, but some people do just fine with them and there are unhappy folks with Miele and SZ too !

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I chose a Bluestar range and a Liebherr refer a year ago, and couldn't be happier...

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Is there a reason why you want a Wolf microwave?

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might have to get me some of that Liebherr refer - I might be happy too !

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