Peach Schnapps for Grand Marnier in cake?

dedtiredJanuary 1, 2014

Book Club is meeting at my house tomorrow evening. We read "Garlic and Sapphires" by Ruth Reichl, which was excellent and I recommend it. It is the story of her years as the restaurant critic at the NYT.

In the book she includes recipes, so I thought I would make a cake that is the final recipe in the book. It is her Last-Minute Chocolate Cake, which calls for 2T of Grand Marnier. I don't have any and don't want to buy it just for one cake. I do have Peach Schnapps. Could I use that instead or do you think it would be gross. Yes, I know it does not taste like oranges! Orange and chocolate are a pretty classic taste combination.

What do you think?

Here is a link that might be useful: Last-Minute Chocolate Cake

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Can you mooch a bit from a neighbor? Or do you have any orange extract? Triple sec? If no to both I would just leave it out. Peach does not sound good to me.

Orange marmalade might work.

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I think mooching is my only hope. I may just buy some fancy cookies from the bakery and forget this idea.

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Call the state store and see if they have any in the single serve size bottles.

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I say treat yourself to a small bottle - it will literally last forever and a tot, warmed in a snifter will warm you up like nothing else on a damp, rainy day, or a snowstorm, or a power outage...

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No no no. No peach schnapps.
Get a tiny bottle of Grand Marnier tomorrow (the state store has them, only about 1/4 cup). If you can't find that, or any other miniature orange liqueur, just use plain brandy.
Happy new year, Pam!

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Thanks. Great idea. I'll zip over to the State Store before I drop my car to have the oil changed. I hope the predicted snow does not materialize too early or I will be eating chocolate cake and sipping Grand Marnier by myself, which doesn't sound too bad.

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I wouldn't do the peach schnapps either. Try for a small bottle of grand marnier from somewhere or don't make the cake.

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Lacking any booze, add some grated orange zest.

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So I got some Triple Sec instead of Grand Marnier. Triple Sec was $9 a bottle and Grand Marnier was $22. They did have the teeny bottle of GM -- $3 for a few tablespoons. The cake was easy but I thought a bit dry. I did not have it with ice cream.

Book Club was fun, as always. I look forward to it. It is snowing to beat the band right now so only the neighbors who could walk over showed up, which was fine.

Anyway, glad I did not try the schnapps! Thanks for your help.

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