Found Jiffy Pop, Poem Help!

passport4vickiSeptember 13, 2007

I got a great buy on Jiffy Pop from Amazon! I bought one case of 24 for 25.60 with free shipping! And there was a special going on for orders over $50, you got $25 off (and still free shipping); so I got 2 cases for about $26.!!!!!

I am going to do what someone here suggested ... make it into a Baby Shower favor. The theme is frogs, so I have been working on some sayings to put on it.

This is some of my thoughts, you can see I really need help!

Justin & Nicole are expanding their pad,

let's pop some corn when Justin's a Dad!"


Something's shaking

A baby's in the making

Justin's becoming a Dad

OK Corny, I know ... HELP ME PLEASE!

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I'm just a little froggy
Snuggled in my mom's internal pond..
She & I are connected with an
everlasting bond!

For months I've been here-safe in her keepin'
Awaiting the day I can come out leapin'.
I hope it won't be long, till she wants to explode-
And let me join my parents loving abode!

So when I arrive-please be glad?
Can't wait to see my new mom & dad's pad'!
You too, can celebrate the day I'm born-
Get 'your' belly full by popping this corn!

LOL..that's the best I can come up with..

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THAT POEM IS GREAT! send us a picture when you finish your project. Barbara

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