Pads for rockng chiar

june_ndSeptember 12, 2009

Can any one help me? I want to get a new chair pad for this rocking chair. This chair is about 65 years old and does have a special name but I can't think of it. I have looked all over and can't find a pad for it. It should be a 3-piece set as it includes the ruffle.


Here is a link that might be useful: rocking chair

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I've never seen 3 piece sets like that. I bought a 2 piece set probably 10 yrs ago,think I got it at Sears. Try the Internet & Google in Vermont Country Store as they might have something like that. They have a lot of old favorites. I don't know the name of rocker either but looks pretty much like 1 at our church nursery. I just made a cushion for it with piece of foam from Joanne's used for chair seats & just covered it in a quilted nursery pattern. I didn't do anything fancy, just made an envelope with stitching just going around the back corners & hand stitched it shut. Could do same for back & just make ruffle to go around bottom.Wouldn't be too hard to make the front way it is in photo also. I just cut foam with an old Fiskars scissors. Hope this helps! Jan

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I will try the Vermont Store. Never thought of them. I did buy these pads, I think at Penneys but they don't have them. there is a cut out around the chair arm. I have recovered it before but was hoping I could buy a set somewhere. Thanks, sunyca.


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