my school wreath

donnas_gwSeptember 10, 2008

finally got it put together. It's plain and simple. I had a cloth measuring tape so I used that to wrap the wreath. At Dollar Tree Store, I couldn't find uppercase ABC's except pastel colored ones. They didn't have numbers at all. It's probably all I'm going to do with it unless I can find a smaller chalkboard than 5X7.

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This is so cute...what a cleaver idea. Are you using it for your own classroom? I know the kids will love it. You said you were having problems with finding certain things..did you check out Oriental Trading Co? It's a teacher's God Send. They have everything for Every Occasion. My school uses it all the time.

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hi slinky, I'm not a teacher. I have 2 grandsons in different elementary schools, so if both of my daughters want one for their son's rooms, I have enought supplies to make a second one (actually enough to make several).

What is Oriental Trading Co.? An online store? Other than Walmart, Michaels is the only store that carries craft supplies in this area, but they only had the 5X7 chalkboards. That wreath is a 12" wreath and I think 5X7 is too big.

I did buy some wooden slats that I could paint and then write something on. Like Ms. ----- class or something like that. I've looked at chalkboard paint. I think it comes in 1/2 gallon(?) cans but it's expensive and I don't want to buy that large of a can just to paint one or two slats. I guess I could use acrylic paint instead and use my white paint pen.

I'm not sure about the blue plastic ruler. I may take that off. I just enjoy making wreaths, and the idea of a school wreath came to me a few weeks ago. Thought I'd try making one.

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hi donnas...Oh..I thought you were a teacher and it was for your class. What a nice idea for your grandsons. They will love it, and get a kick that you made it for them! Also, what a nice momento for them. As far as the looks fine...another thought, if the ruler bothers you, is to ad a very small,colored frame, with their picture, mounted on the ruler,just off center. Which might be a nice idea I've seen these type of frames, at the $ stores >> just a thought..otherwise, I think it all looks great. I know what you mean about enjoying making them, and what a great excuse to do so when it's for your grandsons!! As far as Oriental Trading's a catalog and you can also order online from them. They have great stuff for all ocassions..great for kids for parties or holidays..also craft items. Have fun...

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That is really cute. I was just thinking that if you wanted to add a bow to one of the wreaths, the tape measure could be fashioned into one real quick.

But, it is real cute as is.

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Nice wreath. If you want a chalkboard look couldn't you glue a couple of playing cards together & paint dull black & "write" on it with white paint. Could be framed with piece of craft foam if you have some around. Looks fine as is tho. Just a thought, I always see a craft & add my touches to it when I make something. I think the kids will love it! Jan

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Very cute!! I like what you ended up doing with it!! As far as chalboard paint, Walmart has it as spray paint. I think it is $5 or $6. I have used it before and it is really neat. Now that I think, it might have been Home Depot but, I think it was Walmart.

Great Job!!!

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