first try w/my turbochef single wall oven

rogermexicoDecember 2, 2013

I just signed up here and read elizpiz's review on her turbochef dual oven and I thought I'd share a bit of info on our new single model. Our stove has a normal oven under it so we only needed the single wall oven.

The kitchen was renovated over the summer at our vacation house in rural New Hampshire. Because we always bring our food for the weekend and cook every meal there, I thought the high speed would come in handy. We're a family of 4 + about 4-8 guests most of the time.

So far, I've only used the oven for one weekend: Thankgiving 2013 for 8 adults and 6 kids. We cooked a 22 lb turkey in 81 min and it came out slightly overdone, although not really dry. The outside was nicely browned and crispy. The bird was so big it was almost touching the top of the oven and the very outside there was like turkey jerky. The rest was very good and all I would do differently is take it out a bit sooner. I was afraid when the plastic popper thing hadn't popped at 78 min, so I gave it another 3 min - by then it had popped.

Sweet potato casserole from the Turbochef cookbook was quite sweet, but great. Also the molten center chocolate cake kit that came w/the oven was perfect (We also made a meatloaf which ended up a bit dry because again I was afraid it wasn't done and I had it cook more ... which I regretted.

Chicken nuggets for the kids came out hot & crispy in 90 seconds if I remember right.

These times do not include the preheat time - which seems long when the cook times are so short. It was about 9 min to preheat for english muffins that toasted for just 2 min. If I want to wait 11 min min, I can just use a normal toaster. If I have a bunch of muffins then sure I'll use the TC.

I agree w/the other review that the oven fan stays on a long time after you're done cooking. Our group was loud enough that it didn't matter, but if I'm the only one awake in the morning I don't want to listen to that fan for 20 min after making breakfast.

I will embark on a more detailed cleaning adventure next weekend so I can't comment there. The oven is darkened on the top - mainly from the turkey.

I would also say that the knob/wheel thing you turn to operate the oven is overly sensitive or something because it's very easy to make the wrong selection. I turn the knob to highlight potatoes and then press the knob to select it - but when I press it jumps up to the item above potatoes and selects that instead. I got better at it as the weekend went on. A touchscreen would be an improvement.

The oven was very popular w/the guests and everyone couldn't believe the speed and quality of the food. I'm sure we'll discover how to perfect each recipe over time, but even right out of the gate, we had a super thanksgiving and a fun time with this oven.

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