Baby Shower gifts......

Cheri_CSeptember 4, 2008

My niece just had a baby girl and I made her these roses out of baby socks and also made her this diaper wreath. I had it hanging on the door when she came home from the hospital. I got the idea for the wreath from Jeni on Prim Mart. I did a google search for the diaper wreaths, and OMGosh there's tons of them to get ideas from.

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That is adorable!!! Love it! What a great friend she has in you, a new baby is such a wonderful gift, but then to get home and get that surprise, WOW! I'm going to a personal wedding shower for my niece on Saturday, that gives me an idea for a bouquet of undies and maybe a wreath of toiletries,OMGosh,Cheri, ya got me on a roll, now! That would be cute!Thx for sharing! blessings-sherri

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Those are so cute Cherie...can you tell me more about the wreath? I have to go to a baby shower for a SGD next weekend. I would love to take a wreath like that!
Sincere thanks for any help.

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I'd like more info on the diaper wreath too--my niece is always looking for new ideas for showers and such at church and this would be perfect. Love those cute little roses too. Great way to give items the baby can actually use. TFS. Luvs

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Here's a link for the diaper wreath. There is lot's of different sites that have posted ways to make them. This is pretty much the standard way of doing it. Very easy to do. I did mine on one of thos twig like wreaths. It wasn't grapevine. It had a smooth surface. I got it at the $$$ store. I was gonna just use one of those styrofoam wreaths but couldn't find one in our area. The fun part is decorating it. Here is aslo a link to just look at different decorated diaper wreaths.,SUNA:2006-14,SUNA:en&q=diaper%20wreath&um=1&sa=N&tab=wi

Don't forget to show us pics of yours!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Diaper wreath.

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Very cute! Thanks for that link, Cheri. Luvs

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Thank you so much Cheri for the link...I'm on my way to check it out!!! Wish me luck in the making of the wreath...if it only comes out 1/4th as nice as yours, I will be a happy GGM to be!!

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OMG Those are adorable Your hands are truly blessed. I made a little bouquet not as beautiful as yours but it was my 1st. My cousin is having her baby shower on Saturday I guess I will make her something like yours that is great God Bless You. I wanted to post the picture of the one I did I don't know how can some one help!

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blessedbygod, I just saw yours. Glad you were able to post yours. I just love yours. Everyone is just going to love them!!! Great job!!!

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Hey Cheri I saw that link on how to make the diaper wreaths I guess I'll give it a try thanks.

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Ok everyone asked how to do the wreath...but I would love to know how to do the roses...Please?

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You are such a wonderful Aunt. Beautiful ideas.

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Here are the direction for the roses. They have been such a great hit at baby showers or I've given them to them after the baby is born.

I use the straight craft wire that you can get at Walmart. I used the 18 gauge wire, that way the stems aren't wobbly. It comes in a green or silver. At Walmart all they had was the silver, which is OK, Because you will cover it up with florist tape.
I usually buy 6 pairs of socks that way you will have a dozen. Beginning at the toe, roll the single sock to 1" or so from the open end. I roll them like on a slant, that way you get the different levels, Then take the open end and flip it up over the bottom of the rose. Then take the wire and then wrap it around the bottom of the "rose", then take your green florist tape, Walmart also carries that too, and wrap the bottom of the rose and the entire stem. When working with florist tape, the key is to pull on it as you wrap. That's what makes it stick. In the beginning when I was making them, I would loose the rose shape all the time. So don't worry if that happens, just start all over.
Then when they are all finish, I lay them on tissue paper add some silk greenery and a filler if you like, then wrap them up and tie with a bow.
You will get different shape roses depending on the material of the socks

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Toooooo Cute!!!!!!!!

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