Glue Gun question

toomuchglassSeptember 20, 2007

I still have the one and only glue gun that I ever owned.

Is it normal for them to leak glue out of the tip when they are in the holder ? Mine leaks so bad .... but it's old . I'm wondering if they've improved or are they all like that ?

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The only time my glue gun (the real small one, about a year old) drips out the tip slightly is when I just used it and I put it down. I just make sure I have it on a saucer when I use it. It might be time for you to get a new one.

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Mine is about three years old, and yes, it drips. Mine is the hot melt kind, maybe the newer cool melt ones would not drip. I bought one, but have never taken it out of the wrapper yet. Bought it thinking it would be kinder to my fingers! LOL


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Yes, they drip! Keep something under it of you'll be running around scraping dried hot glue from whatever surface you had it sitting on last!

That reminds me that it's time to buy a new one! I haven't had one since last winter. I haven't really missed it BUT I use a glue gun a lot around Christmas time when I get into making ornaments!

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Save your drips and melt in the melting pot for other projects. Or you can save them, place between wax paper and iron, then use a sizzix or scissors to cut out shapes.

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Wired, I had never heard of saving drips from hot glue, but that is a great tip. Thanks....

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I used to save my drips for the tiny melting pan - but I don't use that pan anymore. As long as I know now that most glue guns drip ....I don't feel too bad. I'll save the dribbles and use the heat gun to melt them into something !

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FlamingO in AR

I've found that pulling back on the glue stick just a tad when I set it back down stops most of the drips. Of course, this doesn't work if the stick is really short and not sticking out of the gun at all. I keep a flexible silicon sheet under my gun to catch anything that comes out. Those are sold by the glue guns, usually.

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