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bicyclegirl1December 16, 2013

Bad planning on my end. I need some quick suggestions on a vent hood insert. I've been putting off researching the vent hood since everything else seemed to be a bit more important & honestly, the vent hood wasn't as fun to research since it's going to be an insert to a custom hood! That was fun, but the insert...not! Now, I'm down to the wire w/ my electrician - no pun intended - who is coming tomorrow to put everything in the walls. He needs to know what hood I'm going to be doing so he has the specs.

Here's some info that will help. I have a 30" Wolf dual & my kitchen's not very big (appx 9x11), so was hoping to have my vent hood 32" W & 24" D. Does that sound ok for a 30" range? The burners are about an inch, maybe 2 from the sides of range. Thoughts on hood width & what the normal depth on a 24" depth range is. After deciding size, can you please give me your recommendations of brand for an insert? I really want something that's going to be quiet. I'd like to stay at $1000 or less, if doable. I've heard I need 1200 CFM's. Would 900 be ok for my Wolf?

Thank you in advance for any help you can send my way.

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600 cfm is fine for a 30" range. What size and how long is the duct? And do your local building codes require make up air? If you have any other gas/oil appliances, HVAC, water heater or fireplace, you need make up air. Not sure if even a wide open would prevent exhaust from other combustion sources from being pulled back into your house with a 600 cfm hood on high. If you do need make up air, additional wiring may be needed depending on your MUA solution.

Do you mean an actual insert or wall mount or under cabinet? Either way, not sure there's a 32". Wall mount and under cabinet run 30", 36", 42" and up. Inserts are usually 2" narrower than wall mount. Your choices are probably limited for an insert that will fit in a 32" opening.

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scole, thanks for the info. As I said, very little research on the venting issue yet, so I don't understand much about MUA. From a little of what I've heard, I thought it was bringing air from the outside in? If that is correct, I'm not so sure it would be a problem w/ my house. Old & very drafty! I do have a gas water heater out in the garage & gas heating w/ electric ignite(?) up in my attic. Does that sound like a problem?

I'm having a hood surround made that will be up against the wall. I'll need an insert to go up in that. It's not going to be very tall, maybe 4' +/-, & venting thru the wall, out of the roof. So, if I have this setup, I'll need a 30" wall mount insert? I need to start shopping around! I have no idea what's good, quiet, etc.

Thanks tons for the info & your time.

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That is what MUA is. There several threads where it's discussed in detail. Again, check your local codes.

An insert and wall mount hood are 2 different types of installs. Google range hoods and look at some different brands, models and their installation specs. Should give you an idea of the difference. Try or . Not recommending them necessarily. They just have a large selection to look at. You can read the threads here to see the brands others recommend.

Not sure what you mean by 4' (feet) high. Most hoods are mounted 30"-36" above the cook top. Some install theirs higher but you risk it not working as well.

Also, pay attention to the duct size each hood requires and make sure that can be fitted properly in your kitchen. If you don't already have duct, you better figure out where you're going to install it. You can run into issues trying to fit it where you think you want it. You may want to put though the wall or ceiling in a certain spot only to find there's a wall stud or ceiling joist in the way. You can always change thinks a little, but it's best to plan and identify these things as soon as possible.

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Allocate some time and search here on the term "MUA."

There is some level of hood CFM that would cause your drafty house to have lower pressure on the inside than outside, and if this difference is large enough you can backdraft combustion appliances. If the garage door to the house is normally closed, then a small damper opening (like a dryer vent only it flows outside to inside) will supply air to the water heater. See your gas supplier if necessary.

The attic device might be safe if the attic is closed off from the living quarters and has its own ventilation that functions in spite of snow.


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Thanks so much scole & kas. I'm researching all of this now! I double posted over at Kitchens & Gaucho posted there giving great advice, as well.

scole, when I said 4' high, I meant my hood from bottom to top will be about 4' tall. Meaning it's not a very big hood. I wasn't talking about the height from range to bottom of hood. I think I'm installing the hood around 32-34" above the range. Sorry I wasn't clear.

Thanks again for all of the help. It's greatly appreciated!

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