On a happier note!!!Cheri .

kikistreehouseSeptember 4, 2008

Cheri sent me a awsome pattern for making leaves out of screens and then painting them . They were so beautifull. maybe we could get her to post it ,, I dont know how or I would . Thank You Cheri!! Iam going to make some this weekend.. I think they'd be beautifull hanging on a glass slidding door with those plastic cap hook things . Not sure what there called .Or maybe even over a kitchen window with some grapevine then hang the leaves off it . They sure were pretty. Cant wait to get mine done..

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Hi Jamie,
Here's the site. I did think they were neat. Of course I haven't made any yet. Sounds like you've been busy getting some fall out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Autumn Leaves

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Oh I like this. It's a great project for my grandkids! I happen to have a roll of window screen,too! No puff paints but I do have glitter glue tubes :) I'll have to go find some paint we can use outside...thanks for sharing!

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Oh, I'm glad you posted this. I had torn a page out of a magazine with some similar leaves made from screen. I'm always saving ideas--then forgetting about them! I don't have any metal screen on hand, do you think the plastic kind would work? Or it might curl up too much, huh? Luvs

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These look just like real leaves when they turn to "skelton" leaves. Very cool idea, thanks for posting this.


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Luvs, it doesn't say what kind of screen, they look like the fabric type but don't know why either wouldn't work, metal is harder to cut. Might cut your hands or grandkids hands.Hay!recycle, check out what screens need replacing & use good part of screen you take off.I've got to get to bed. Another project to work on!! Jan

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This is one craft I have always wanted to try, but never got around to, would love to see some photos of the ones you have made.
heres a site to makeing your own puff paint,another site showed useing food coloring , never tried it myself but looks so easy.

Here is a link that might be useful: how to make puff paints

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Hi Oddie, I have always loved all your creations. Do you have any new ones to show? Would love to see them.

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Hi Oddie, we've been missing you. How's your summer been, and whatcha been up to? Luvs

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Hi Luvs and Cheri_c, thanks for asking about me, havent done any crafts for so long, son and GS moved in and life has taken over, GS plays football so all I get done is running! but I am happy to do so, hes a great kid and deserves the chance to get to play.
also had a death in the family in april and have had a large house to clean out and and all the paper work with the lawers is endless.
hopefully soon I can have some time to craft, I do read the post almost eveyday, and enjoy seeing all the beautiful crafts you all are makeing!
Happy crafting

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Sorry to hear about the death in your family, Oddie. I know how difficult the clearing out and finalizing paperwork can be--emotional as well as physically.

You are making a big differene in your GS life, and making memories too. Enjoy this time with him while you can.

We miss your great craft ideas on here, so will look forward to when you have a little extra time to come share some more with us.

Hugs to you, Luvs

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