'Grungy' candles

tammy_crafterSeptember 25, 2007

Has anyone seen the candles made from the cheap electric or battery candle that looks like a wax candle? I tried hot glue -didn't work - tried plaster - didn't work. Would real wax work?

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I did a search for "wax candle lamps" and looked at a few of the sites that came up. My belief is those candles lamps are made with silicone in which they added some light colored material (paint??) to make it hazy like a real candle. I'm not sure if you used something like GE Silicone II and painted it with that if it would work. Even though it's thick, I don't know if it would run and drip down the candle stick part. You might like the effect though as it would look like dripped wax - start at the bottom and work your way up, letting each layer/section dry before you did the next.

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Check out AmericanPrim's blog - she has wonderful instructions for many Primitive Crafts. The link below has how to "Grubby" the electric lamps.

Scroll about halfway down the page for it. They would look super with the silicone dipped bulbs!

Check out the rest of her blog - she has tons of ideas and instructions - one of the best crafting blogs around!!

Here is a link that might be useful: AmericanPrim Blog - electric grubby candles

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Iowa Girl that American Prim Blog is GREAT! Thank you. Not quite what I have seen before - but REALLY NEAT. The ones I saw had a thick clear coating which was almost like what hot glue does. I think the one on the blog would be lots easier.
thanks again - Tammy

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Are you talking about the bulb itself? Or the "candle" part?

The waxy looking bulbs are dipped in silicone. I haven't had the best luck making those - by the time I bought the silicone and bulbs - had the mess of dipping them and hanging them to dry, it was easier to just buy them, LOL!

There are some tutorials for making the bulbs out there if that is what you are looking for.

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I'm confused, too. Are you talking about the bulb or the light itself? iowagirl is right about using silicone on the bulbs. Some people even add like cinnamon or some scent to the candle so that it smells when it's hot, although it doesn't last forever.

Are you possibly talking about taking the candle light itself and covering the plastic with something to look like a real candle? And do you mean the grubby candles, like with bumps?

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No not the bulb - just the plastic part of the candle - I would think you would have to take the candle apart - I was kinda thinking that it might have been dipped?

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So you want the candle to look like a real candle? You can grubby those up by using a mixture of oatmeal and glue. You can add cinnamon and cloves and all sorts of things to it for scent. If you want it colored, mix some paint in. You'll have to mess around a bit to get the right consistancy and the best thing to do is lay the candle on it's side to work. Work in sections and let dry in between :)

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