It all started with a stupid painting on Ebay.......

talatSeptember 5, 2007

I would like to find some cool ideas for an Earring Stand, I am all out of cool anything at the moment....maybe I'll make some Christmas gifts, or, tell my sister about it and have her make one for me. Why? you ask. It all started with BUYING A PAINTING ON EBAY, which in turn made me decide to redecorate my living room, which in turn made me decide to make my own roman shades, which in turn made me buy a ton of material on Ebay, which in turn led me to get talked into buying Hot Pink and Lime green towels for my white and black bathroom, which in turn led me into wanting to redecorate my entire bathroom, which in turn led me to want to try my hand at making a retro Hot Pink shag rug, which in turn.......

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LOLOLOL....I've had days like that too!!!!!!
The best thing is to take two aspirin and lie down until the ideas go away :^)

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OMG Talet ------- We're related ! LOLLL !!! I did the same thing just last week .... I ordered a shelf for my kitchen out of one of those junk catalogs that come in the mail. Well ........ that lead to redoing all my spices ....which lead to rearranging my whole food cabinet .... which led to cleaning off an unused shelf in my bedroom for the clutter under the sink ...

No wonder our work is never done !!!

Maybe if I live long enough - one thing will lead to another & I'll finally have my house fixed up !!

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The problem is, is that I have never done any of these things before.....never....Thank God there are tons of sites to go to for guidance....gulp. In my mind I see myself as just whipping these things my I progress I will post some pics, when I learn how to....can't be too hard.....I have books.....sigh.

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