Our Hometown Boy - Go Jason Go!!!

DLM2000January 16, 2014

If you haven't watched this performance please take a few minutes. We are all SO proud of him and thrilled that he will be representing us in Sochi. He is just the nicest, most humble, down to earth kid and I know he's going to knock 'em dead in the Olympics -- Go Jason Go!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Jason Brown

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Wow, Deb, I just watched the performance. Incredible! In fact, when I was out this morning running a few errands, I heard Jason on WGN with Bill and Wendy. He sounds like the nicest guy.

Can I also mention another local boy from Glenview? Brian Hansen, a speed skater who won a silver medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics. I know his mom from the consignment shop where I volunteer.



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I love figure skating and when I got rid of my tv, these competitions have been missed. What an incredible performance. Nice to hear that he's a good guy, reaping the rewards of so many years of intense work. I wish him well at the Olympics.

I never thought to look on youtube for these performances, so thanks for that, too!

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Wow. Gave me chills. This kid is unreal.

Figure skating is my favorite event and I will keep my eye out for this boy. I can see why your community is proud.

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Thanks for posting that. I meant to watch it and missed it. The men's skating should be really exciting this year and there will be the new team competition which I hope will be televised.

But I'm Canadian and so you'll forgive me if I hope Jason comes in fourth as we have three men skaters competing. :)

I do know that two of our skaters will do ok but probably won't medal. Patrick Chan will hopefully medal but who knows with skating. It's all about how you do the day of the competition just like any of the events and the judges can play such a big part as we all know.

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blefton of course we're all rooting for our own 'home' team! Jason actually said much the same thing as you did during his interview this morning - he has to let go and just perform to his best ability because he can't control what another skater does or how a judge views it.

Barb I just wanted to hug him during that interview - what a sweet kid. So Brian is competing again this year? Exciting to have 2 local boys in Sochi.

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Wow, tears in my eyes! I haven't yet watched any skating this season and am not current with the top of the field. This kid is the complete package! Now I must "prep" for the upcoming Olympic addiction (I suffer from it only every other year!). Thanks for sharing!

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dlm - I watched the men's competition last week and Jason's performance was mesmerizing. But the best part was watching the look of astonishment on his face when they announced his score. I stood in my kitchen with tears streaming down my face as I watch his absolute joy.

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Love him. A family member has skated in senior men at US Nats for years but didn't compete this year because of an injury. We were so disappointed we didn't have a reason to go to Boston this year. It's so nice to see Jason peaking at just the right time. I will be rooting for him.

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Amazing!! Caught myself holding my breath in awe multiple times :)

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I can feel your excitement! One of my FB friends brought Jason to my attention, and I watched a clip. Instantly, I thought, "There's something very different about his skating -very artistic or something!" I have a son who made it as far as Olympic Trials in his sport, so I can imagine just how excited his family and friends are for Jason. Go Jason, go!

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bestyears I think you're right - any skater who gets to the Olympics is among the best of the best but there is a quality to Jason's skating that sets him apart -or maybe I just want to think that! Perhaps artistry is accurate but it's still a bit undefinable to me.

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I think for me, the difference is that you can tell he loves to entertain with his skating. He seems to love including the audience in what he is doing. One of the analysts commented that he looks at the audience and not just at the judges when he is skating. He skates for himself, the judges *and* the audience.

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Wow, what a performance! He has strength, speed, flexibility, artistry, and showmanship! I will look forward to watching him in a couple of weeks and keep all crossables crossed for him.

I sometimes see former Olympian Paul Wylie in my supermarket, LOL. My mom just loved his skating.

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I just saw that Jason will be added to the team performance! Go Jason Go!

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He done good!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I was so pleased when he made the team after Nationals! He really is a joy to watch.

Ashley Wagner is our local girl and she did well in her part of the team competition.

I love the Olympics and all the young athletes-and the 'older' ones, too.

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My heart jumped when he fell but overall he did so well ! Hopefully he got the nerves out of his system and will smooth out his performances from here on. GO Jason GO!!

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Saw his performance and he was wonderful! So sorry he fell, but hope he does well in the individuals. He has my vote!

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Wow! What an amazingly talented young man. His ease blew me away. He made it look so easy. Thanks for sharing Deb.

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Just watched the live short program...he did great! 14 points over Jeremy Abbott (who did have a bad fall...poor guy)....

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Great to see him do so well! Go Jason Go! Exciting!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Snow day, so I am home and watched him, too. He really is so much fun to watch. Once he gets the quad, he will be amazing. He is my favorite without the quad anyway. Just love his style, musical choices, and atttude. Hoping against hope that he can pull up and be on the podium. Don't want to wish anyone else ill, but still... :)

oops, spotted typo just as I hit send. Edited to correct.

This post was edited by cyn427 on Thu, Feb 13, 14 at 13:45

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