kude60 owners/middle rack stopped by top rack?

monicakm_gwDecember 27, 2012

A few months ago I posted a message about my top (3rd rack) being replaced and the new rack seemed to be lower. I posted a picture but no one seemed to think it looked wrong. A few weeks ago, I needed to raise the middle rack to accommodate taller pieces on bottom. I've done this many times. This time, the middle rack wouldn't slide all the way in. It was hitting the trays on the cutlery rack...no items in the middle rack. I had to remove the trays. Forgot about it till today when I find myself again needing to raise the middle rack. So, when you raise the middle section can you slide it all the way in without the cutlery rack stopping it from sliding all the way in?
In the picture you can see that the top, back rail hits the front of the cutlery trays stopping it from sliding all the way back. I KNOW it didn't do this before the cutlery tray and rails were replaced.

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I hope everyone can see the photo. I can't see images uploaded from one's computer but can see them if they're linked from an online photo hosting site.

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Hi Monica. I can raise the middle rack and not have it interfere with my upper rack.

Note that the cutlery trays have a 'high' and 'low' option too. You can lift them out and twist them 90-degrees and they get higher/lower than formerly.


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Well YES INDEEDY that will help! I didn't know that (or forgot) Oh wait, you're just turning the trays around? They're in the same position (the short ends at the front and back vs the long ends at the front and back) that they've always been in. How do you have yours positioned?

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Yes, just turning the trays so that instead of going, ahem, north-south, they go east-west. It may be you have to swap them too. I don't have my DW in front of me to try it. And I had *no idea* this was doable until I saw some picture in a manual online about it; I don't think this information was even in the literature I had. Or maybe someone mentioned it on here. As I recall, there are hooks at the ends of both, um, "VT-shaped" trays. And in one orientation the hooks set lower, and the other they are located higher, resulting in higher/lower placement of those racks to accommodate, presumably, ladles or deep cutlery of some sort.

I looked briefly online for a manual with pictures to send a url but didn't find one and can't keep looking. Maybe another can pipe in with the information? It wasn't really obvious to me how to do this at first either; keep trying, you'll get it!

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