how much does brand matter for hoods / inserts?

jeweleeeDecember 12, 2013

We are getting a 48" BS RNB and thinking a 52" insert hood with 1200 CFM. (cabinet faced hood so just a liner/insert) I'm completely befuddled by brands/choices. AJM is pushing the Faber as they said it is really quiet and much cheaper, but still has the 1200 CFM and the baffle filters and removable grease liner.

My local dealer was recommending a Best or Ventahood, which I read about a fair amount on these boards, but they are at least $1K more expensive. I'm just torn if they are worth it or not. AJM guy says no difference that really matters, as it is all branding. Any thoughts from the GW community, specifically on Faber, but more generally on if premium hood inserts are worth it (compared to same CFM also baffle non-premium brands)?

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These things are about as simple an appliance as you can have in your kitchen.

With an insert you are basically paying for manufacturing, and overhead/profit. There is little design and engineering in these and since they are hidden - you aren't buying cache or brand recog. to impress the neighbors.

That said , it really boils down to features, creature comforts, build quality and after sale service - should you need it.
The established or domestic brands generally going to have higher quality and more infrastructure for you to see, buy , and get the thing serviced. They will also have more choice in power and motor placement, as well as switching locations.

It really boils down to you. Go see some in person and decide for yourself if the price warrants the added or lacking button feel, thicker stainless steel, lighting arrangement, filter choice, ect...

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