Book markers?

JoAnn_FlaSeptember 13, 2009

Does anyone make some really nice book markers that can be used for gifts? I'd love to see some pic's or instructions.


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joann click on the gallery (at the top of this page ) and go to page 5 I think it is we had a bookmark exchange several years ago and I posted pictures of all of them enjoy!!

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Joann...I started making some with my grandaughter...I enjoyed it so much I started making them to share.

I use card stock. I double (glue with glue stick) to pieces together. And cover with clear contact paper.

here are some we made.

I cut them 2 inches wide and about 8 inches long.

The leaves and the sunflower on the left are stencils (the brass kind for embossing) the rest are freehand.

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Thanks, they look very nice!

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Very nice!! Great project to do with GK's Jan

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You can also make beaded bookmarks (sorry, no pictures). Take some waxed linen (you can get this at Wal-Mart - comes in black and white) and put beads at either end (no beads that would be in the book). I make them long enough to use in my bible.

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here's some I made, for the corner of the page...

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's blog

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I save all the cards I receive because most of them are just too pretty to throw. Lots of them have neat front pages which you can save and just double them in half vertically,use a few drops of glue and glue the sides together. punch a hole in the top and add a ribbon streamer. I use the 1/4 inch ribbon. You an also attach small pieces of old jewerly to the ribbons. Sometimes I cover the bookmark with clear contact paper. Usually you can make the card by cutting off the greeting at the top of the card.

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I have cut cards into strips to make bookmarks. I have a bunch of them ready to grab. This is such a fun project to do with children. It would be nice to think of a new "gimmick" that would make them even more useful. I have a vision f a multi page one with ribbons like the octopus extension cords, lol, but not sure how to keep them from getting in eachothers way.

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Here are a few I made a while ago. I'm glad you posted - it reminded me about them. Think I will give them to my women's study group from churh.

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