What I've learned about Bluestar in 5 years

keitelDecember 29, 2012

If pushed, they will support their product 100%. 5 years past purchase and following my 2nd very frightening arcing spark show in my kitchen, along with a very, very long list of other problems, they replaced my range. While it happened to take them 5 weeks to do so after agreeing to do it - during which time I had no oven - for this action I am truly grateful.

In 5 years, here's what's changed on the range - some things improved, some things the same, and some things actually worse:

1. The burners are still amazing, and are now improved with the individual burner ignition system. What was always best about the BS is now better.

2. Right out of the box the oven is a truly consistent performer. I've always had total faith in the calibration of BS and based on early tests and use, this hasn't changed. I do love that reliability.

3. The range looks a bit better than it used to. The kick plate is more tightly manufactured and squared off in a way that looks slicker. The island trim has also changed and looks better.

4. There are now 2 separate metal inserts that sit on the drip tray which, I think, eliminates the need for tinfoil. These inserts can now be removed and cleaned, and because they're each half the size of the total drip tray they'll fit into the sink.

5. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but the door is even hotter than it used to be. And, generally speaking, the door feels flimsy, and is indeed, now completely hollow. The glass is loose and rattles and the trim on the outside of the glass does not fit snugly. The old doors (all 3 that I went through) felt more solid and well-built.

6. I can't believe I'm going to say this too, but the knobs now get very hot while the oven is in use. This never, ever happened with my old range. This sucks.

7. The convection fan on the new range sounds awful. Buzzing and rattling to the point that it rattles the lids on pots on the stove top. This is sad as I had to have the convection fan on the old range replaced for the very same reason. Sigh.

8. There still seems to be a problem with final quality control at the company. Right out of the box one of the trim circles around one of the burner knobs is totally loose and moves around. I am mystified by the release of products from a factory with such obvious flaws.

Anyway, ultimately a good news story with a dose of reality.

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Great news and well deserved in view of your tribulations. Kudos to Bluestar as well.
The "modern" stressed skin, lightweight doors seem to be getting more common on ovens of all makers. Everyone should be aware and cautious because it is a very different animal and previous experience investigating the old style doors is no great help. Think big mousetrap.

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Great rundown of old vs. new Bluestar. Thanks for that. Really a shame about the knobs. There is no excuse for that. What, would it kill them to put a little insulation in this expensive range?

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Thank you for posting your experience. This further cements my decision to go with a Bluestar range top and (different brand) wall oven.

I already felt like the top was the best part of the thing, and worried that the oven would be too much like the one on my current viking range, which I hate.

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Bummer to hear that BS quality is going down hill - it is made near my home town (not that I ever heard of it when I lived there)
I love that you can put a full sheet cake pan in the 30 inch oven - but will live with my new Wolf.

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Well, I think you probably solidified my decision not to buy one of these. Aamerican Range is looking better in comparison to this. Thanks for taking the time to make the extensive post.

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I have had my BS 36" RNB with grill installed for about two months. So far I love it. It is not perfect but I would buy it again in a heartbeat. The burners are awesome and gorgeous. The oven is huge and accurate. My baking has never been so good. The broiler is terrific. I made some beautiful ribeyes under it yesterday as a change of pace from the grill. The door does not get hot but the kick plate does and so do the knobs. The grill is good but not great. The back runs hotter than the front part so I have to move the food around a bit. I really wanted a grill because we don't have the ability to grill outdoors.

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Can you please explain more about the modern stressed skin and lightweight doors that you refer to. I guess I don't understand what stressed skin is. Thanks.

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Since I recently ordered a 36" RNB, this is interesting to me to say the least. I'm happy to read your first four positive comments! Numbers five and six strike me as very odd, considering the hot door issue has been discussed on these and other forums, and one would think BS would make improvement in these areas! Rather, you say it is worse?? I'm really looking forward to cooking on my new ranger, but would rather not have to wear welding gloves to do so...

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Originally, I think they wanted the door hinges more exposed to the outside kitchen air, as baking the hinges, on the old model (before the V-1) made the hinges stick.

I don't know why they don't go back and insulate the door more now and remove the side door vents... maybe they thought the insulation held moisture that was hard on the hinges. I think this could be remedied.

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