Update on friend with bee sting

pattico_gwSeptember 15, 2008

Nearly a month now and he is still in a coma...nothing good in sight.

Dr.s say he could recover and be like a 2 year old.

Many prayers needed in this situation.

Oh..and here in our area last week a man (Omaha) was stung by about a doz. bees and died instantly.

My cousins boy was riding his bike once at one of our reunions...rode over an old log. It had bees living it in..they attacked him...He had hundreds of bee stings..they were in his socks and in his underware. Literally every square inch had a bee sting. He was okay. Aparently those having the trouble are those who are alergic. Neither of the two guys knew they had an alergy to bee stings.

I wonder if there is a way to be tested to see if you are.


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I was stung several times as my dad raised bees then 1 day I got stung on the top of my head ran across street to our house & dad was up the ladder,I started up & couldn't see, I was terrified, he worked his way down & got me to dr. Been stung several times since,once walking in ocean-bees actually go in the water!!!! I had a yr of shots but couldn't finish last 2 as I was having very bad reactions. Got stung & ended up in ER again & they "watched" me, I finally told them, "I'm checking out here, I've got 2 kids & they need a mom. My ears were itching & I was seeing oceans & cornfields & all sorts of things, I had high BP & irratic pulse up to 200 as near as they could tell so they gave me the shot of adeneraline. 15 min later I was fine. I said, what were you waiting for. Dr said he was sure the antibee shots would work. They didn't. So no way to be tested. I even had a reaction to cheap China made candle for Halloween, a little witch, didn't sit even so I took knife & scraped off the bottom to level it, I started talking "funny" myDD asked me what was wrong, the stuff I scrapped off when I got it under the light had bee parts so they use old used beeswax in candles that are dark & cheap!! 2 Benadryl worked that time as I had not been stung just touched the stuff. I carry an epi pen & benadryl. Jan

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Sorry all of you...I see I posted this on the wrong forum....I wondered where it went...I was sure I had posted it.

Being an update...you probably wondered where the orginal post was...

I'm telling you....I'm getting old...and more and more I do these dumb things...


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