Picture of my Ivy Bowl Lamp

enjoyingspringSeptember 4, 2007

This is a picture of the Ivy Bowl Lamp that I made. The instructions are on the other message that I posted. I Think mine looks a little nicer.

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Very pretty :)

I remember these were popular years back on this forum, too :) I so hope this place gets back to like it was in the "old" days. I miss all the people and how hectic this board was!

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I agree with you sweets98, this board is very slow and there are virtually NO new crafting ideas out there. Most of the craft items that some people post are not worth while making. People are sick of making "junky" crafts that end up in peoples closets or worse yet the trash.

I am beginning to think that the era of crafting has died.

I was at a garage sale recently and found 3 hand made baby sweaters that were never used. Some loving grandmother I am sure made them. How many babies have you seen wearing a hand made sweater, not many. Making mitts for children to wear in the winter is a waste of time, knitted tuques also you never see. Rather sad I think.

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Beautiful Job! love the colors you used.
alot of the old crafts are new and improved with all the new products out there, years ago I would not have put a hand knited sweater on my baby, to rough and bulky, today there are alot of soft beautiful yarns! we see so many crafts by way of the internet, how can much be new to us?
Happy Crafting

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