like I need another project!

danaohSeptember 12, 2007

Tried felting last night. Bought a 100% wool sweater at thrift store, put it in machine in hot water. Really cool. Plan on cutting out a bag from it tonight. Also bought pillowcases there for lining.

Went back to day and bought 5 more, including a 2X cape type thing - so much area! Can't wait to really finish one.

Has anyone else done this and do you sell them and how much?

The sweaters for about $4 each.

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No, but I think I'd like to try felting or wool rooving. It looks rather easy. Would you please comment on how you found it to be - simply easy, a bit hard, way too hard, I give up? Your thoughts would certainly be appreciated. Thx.


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I've never done Felting ... but seen it on TV Craft shows and at Craft fairs. It's amazing how that is done. From what I saw ... items done like this were expensive and not selling really good. Now that I know all the work that goes into them - they are worth every penny . I wish I Could be of more help !

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I've done quite a bit of felting - but generally I knit up an item, then felt it.

When I do use sweaters or other knitted items to "make felt" I just treat them like fabric afterwards... so whatever I can do with a similar fabric, I can do with the "felted" sweater. The 2X cape thing is great! It would have so much surface area! I look in the men's section when I am looking to felt and look for the big men's sizes.

I haven't sold any felted items, but I've given them as gifts and they have been well received.

There was a picture online of a big rug that looked like one of those potholders we used to make in Girl Scouts, with the loops... it used strips of felt from sweaters and blankets. I have a cedar chest full of these strips waiting for me to get in the mood for a big project :)

If you are a knitter or crocheter - it is also worthwhile to buy sweaters made of a great yarn and "unknit" them... I have skeins of cashmere I have unwound from thrift shop sweaters - the price would be prohibitive to buy as yarn... but is a good deal when you unwind them yourself. Not all sweaters lend themselves to being unwound, though... some are cut at the edges rather than being made with a single strand of yarn per piece.

If you are going to felt a lot - consider felting within a zippered pillowcase. Those errant fibers that end up in the washwater can turn to felt within the water pump... bye bye washing machine!


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