What crafts can I use peeling tree bark for?

munnernSeptember 1, 2012

I have a large tree that is slowly dying, and is sheding it's bark. The bark is beautiful, and the inside has details from worms, or the such, crawling up. I hate to jus throw this into the burn pile....some of the pieces are 2 ft by 8 inches. And again, very pretty. I believe to tree to be a birch of somekind. Thanks for your ideas!

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If it's birch and still in "good shape" (i.e., not crumbling), you could try to make bark pouches, also known as bark baskets. I've seen on-line tutorials for doing it, possibly at basketmakers.org, but I cannot say for certain.

I think it would be pretty to make bark-wrapped candles... either cut the bark to fit an existing pillar candle, or tie the bark to become a pourable candle mold.

Can you think of a way to embellish the bark to use it as a seasonal hanging decoration? Maybe take a pretty piece of bark and attach greenery, fake berries, fake bird,... then drill holes at opposite ends of the bark and wire it for hanging on your door? :)

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We used mallaluca (spelling) bark to cover the outside of picture frames years ago it turned out to be very nice

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Take this to the garden junk forum. They're full of ideas.

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Hi....hope this helps. Since the bark usually wants to curl I've seen them take used cans of various sizes, tomatoe juice or canned corn, etc. or old glass bottles or vases and covered the outside with bark and used them for dried flowers. Kinda Nature like. Some added a few small rocks around the bottom for added weight. I've also seen them cover bird houses with the bark. Good Luck!

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Cover picture frames,youll have them along time,I have a paper birch,I looked at it the other day Im gonna make hubby a nice picture frame for his big game hunt pictures.

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For small pieces, coat with mod podge or another sealer of your choice, drill a hole in the top and use as pendants for necklaces.

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