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lazypupNovember 14, 2012

We were just watching the "Modern Marvels" show on the history channel on TV and they said something that totally blew my mind.

The "Empire State Building" in New York City was built in one year from ground breaking to finish,,,,imagine that

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Amazing isn't it?

Of course, the builders did not have to deal with OSHA, environmental impact studies, EPA, Wetlands Protection Act, and on and on and on.

What is really amazing is that anything at all gets done in today's world given that a 5 year old needs a vendor's license to sell lemonade off of a cardboard box in her front yard or risks a fine.


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According to Wikipedia, the Empire State took 15 months. Now, the Pentagon took 18 months to build -- how about that? But then again, WW II took only six years to fight. How long have we been in Afghanistan? Maybe history is slowing down...

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