Crow-Pumpkins Fall/Halloween Decorative Box

craftylady-2006September 15, 2007

This is my latest creation (thinking of selling them at the craft show). Do you like...

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No, I don't like. I love!!! Wow!!! That is some creation. It looks like you have a real knack for this. Did you make your crow and pumpkins? I think your creations would sell very well at a show. I know I would buy one.

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Thanks for the great comment Sue, I really appreciate that (and need to hear it to encourage me to do a show). Yes I did make the crow and the pumpkins.


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Very cute, you are very talented! You should sell out at the show!

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Awesome job Sal!!! You really out did yourself on this!!!

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Just Beautiful! and omg all that work, Iam sure they would sell well!
Hubby has some of those crate like things he has cds in years ago, hope you dont mind but I am going to try a arangement in one
love how you made the leaves come out the side just sets it off.
Happy Crafting

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