American Range or BlueStar- 24" gas range

phillyrenoDecember 22, 2013

We are in the midst of a kitchen remodel in a small city house. As there are just 2 of us, we've decided to maximize counter space and go with smaller appliances. Currently considering the 24" options from American Range and BlueStar because they have the largest ovens in this size category (I bake quite a bit).

Any feedback on either?

FWIW, we did consider Bertazzoni because the price seemed reasonable but the oven is small.

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I'd def suggest bluestar over the American. Bluestar is just a more commercial product that you will be pleased with.

And given your space considerations, the 24" would be a great fit. I actually prefer the 24" to the 30" in general, as any 30" range has that useless dead space in the middle whereas with the 24", you can have the "slideability" on all 4 burners (ie, sliding the pots and pans around without having to lift them up).

And if you think a 24" isn't big enough, then swing by Dmitris restaurant in 2nd and Catherine in Philly (which by your handle on here makes me think you're familiar with it), and see how they run a packed restaurant day in and day out using a 4 burner 24" range.

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AR does not offer their Performer series in 24" so the Bluestar RNB is a much better choice.

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Thanks for the feedback! I do know Dmitris (we watch the Saints games at the New Wave!) and will have to check out their range.

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Sounds like we're in the same neighborhood. Feel free to email me in here if you wanna come by and give my bluestar a test drive.

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