Spanish roof tile carving

trogSeptember 12, 2007


Just stumbled across this forum V interesting. I have started carving redundant Spanish pantile roof tiles into wall light coverings, ornaments, nick knack holders etc. Question, is there a carving bit that fits into a drill to make life easier?

Trog (who lives in Spain)

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Welcome to the forum Trog, so glad you joined the Junk Pile. You'll have a wonderful checking in and see who's doing what and making your own posts and projects. We love pics so please post as many as you wish. As for your drill bit question, sorry but I have no clue. If someone on this forum doesn't answer you, you might want to go to the top of the first forum page here and click on other forums as I believe there is a woodworking forum and someone in there might be able to give you the info you need on the bits. There is one tool I know of and I'll probably get the name wrong here but it's like an all-in-one tool that crafters use for different types of projects, carving, sanding, polishing, etc. It comes with several small bits for those types of uses. Please don't laugh at what I think it's called and if someone else reads this, please correct the name of this tool for me. I think it's a "drezel." I'm probably not even close in the name but I don't mind giving it a try, maybe it begins with a T.

Anywho, sure hope you'll participate in the forum more often now that you've found us. It's a great bunch of folks who are always willing to help out or comment on a project. You'll come to love checking in and see what's going on. Have fun on your tiles,


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