Birdhouse Gourds

mngardener1September 8, 2007

I am looking for anyone who has extra birdhouse gourds this year that are dried out - I want to try my hand at painting them - also, anybody done this before? If so, do you have any suggestions? Thanks!


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I have some from 2 years ago when I planted some. They are thoroughly dried and in an out building. I need to check on them and see if they are still okay. Was planning on doing something with them but you know the best laid plans of mice and

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I would love to have them if you don't want them! I have never painted them before - have you? Any tips? I thought they would be so sweet hanging from my trees, or even as a gift! What would you like in return? I am listed in the Seed Exchange with a trade list if you would like that, or shipping - let me know!! Thanks so much!


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My sister and I both paint gourd birdhouses. We give them several light coats of spray paint as a basecoat, before using our acrylic paints. Then they get several coats of clear sealer.

If you would like to try growing your own next year and have the room to grow them, I would be happy to send you some birdhouse gourd seeds if you live within the states. Hubby and I planted more this year and are hoping for a good crop, but with the drought we've had in GA this year, we aren't sure what we may get.

This is the penguin I painted for one of my granddaughters.

This is the Tweety I made and it is sold.

And this is my patriotic gourd. Our daughter wanted it, so it is now hers.

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I will try to check in the next week or so and send you a couple, can pay for the shipping would be fine. Please e-mail me your address thru here and put gourds in subject line.
You can google gourds and find lots of info or go to the garden forum and look for pumpkin squash and gourds, those folks have lots of info.

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