Wandered back after a long absence!

sjarzSeptember 7, 2007

Well it's been a long time since I posted on here - still see a couple of names I recognize...

Last year I moved to a bigger center thinking the craft shows would be bigger and better - haven't found any which was disappointing. Thinking about going back to my old town for a big winter craft show, but still in the thinking stages...

Had major surgery at the end of August and am recovering well.

Now that I have some free time my mind has turned to crafting.

Couple of questions for you crafting divas --

Vinyl records - does anyone remember what temperature to melt them at? Vintage is in so I am thinking about melting records into a bowl type shape, flipping it over to make a lamp top, covering it with fabric or painting it -- anybody got an idea for a base?

Large popcorn tins - you know those tins that are everywhere that came out a few years back that are huge and had mixed flavors of popcorn in them?

Thinking about adding legs to them to make them a funky nightstand with a stash spot inside? Any comments? Might do some cut outs on the sides and put a light inside?

Let me know what you think.

Suzan J

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Welcome back to the forum Sjarz, hope you're recovery is going well and you're feeling good again. I've only been with the forum a little over a year now but sure do love this gang. As for melting records or the popcorn tin, I'm sorry to say I don't know how to do either but I'm sure you'll get some ideas from the others. I do however think you're ideas are goods ones. Good luck on your shows.


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Welcome back. I've been a member for a while, but lurked for a long time.
The popcorn night stand sounds interesting. Another thing you could do is cut a piece of wood and attach it to the lid to increase table top surface.

As for the melted records, those are a blast to make and there's an endless supply at yard sales and TS. I made a bunch last Christmas and filled them with goodies. Here's a crafting board that has tons of ideas for records. Just put 'record bowls' in the search and you will find all kinds of goodies.


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Welcome back! Your ideas sound great! Sorry, I'm no help on the how-to's. :) ~Anj

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I remember you, welcome back!!

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So great to see some of the poster who were here before it became a "pay to play" forum coming back. From the old posts I have read, they were a very creative group.

Both your ideas sound great, and I'm glad Wired could help you with the info you needed.

Be sure to come back and post pics of your finished items okay?


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That's my quest this year is to learn how to upload pictures here, I was never able to get it last time, but with the tutorials I've seen I think even this blondey can figure it out!
Thanks for the nice warm welcome everyone, and Hi Evelyn - nice to see you and I'm sure you are busy busy with shows upcoming.
Suzan J

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