getting bugs out of wreath before taking inside

donnas_gwSeptember 27, 2007

This is probably a stupid question, but I hope someone can give me some advise. I've tried hanging my wreaths on my entrance door, but because I also have a storm door, the flowers get pressed between the 2 doors. To prevent that problem, I hang mine outside on my storm door using a suction cup. Any wreath that has been out for awhile ends up with bugs and tiny spiders (eggs, too, for all I know!). I don't want to take the wreath inside and have a houseful of bugs. I don't think that just by shaking the wreath before taking it inside is going to get rid of whatever is hiding in it. Anyone else have this problem and what do you do before taking your wreath you spray it?? Thank you.

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I would spray it on both sides. We always spray the live Christmas tree before it comes in the house.
I'd use a hair dryer on it too, to try to dislodge anything that shouldn't be there.

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Put it in a big plastic bag....spray. close the bag leave it for a day and watch what dies!
Linda c...spider-phobe!

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I like your idea Linda, exactly what do you spray it with?

I was going to suggest using compressed air to spray it, as it's a fast and hard blast.


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