convention stream ovem? advantages?

miatadanDecember 6, 2013

What is the advantage of convention stream oven? I know it the past ovens that combine microwave + convention allows quicker cooking without disadvantage of microwave only cooking such as GE's Advantium ovens.

So what does the stream function add that helps with oven cooking?

Sorry if I sound stupid asking this?

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It also allows for quicker cooking. The steam decreases the amount of time it takes to cook things as well.

They are also smaller in size than a full size oven and will heat up faster, saving time and money.

They will never replace a microwave like a speed oven, as they don't have that capability. But they can replace a microwave if you are willing to spend the extra time waiting for things to reheat in them.

I have a Wolf Steam Oven and we use it in place of our MW about 75% of the time. Could we switch over completely, yes, but I don't think I would ever give up or MW for day to day use.

You can also cook multiple items in a steam oven at the same time. Meaning you can steam veggies, and fish, while cooking a roast or reheating last night dinner and the flavors won't combine.


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but would the flavors travel when the oven goes from steam to convection function?

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