Dog coat from jacket: WIP

concretenprimrosesSeptember 25, 2011

I went to an all town yard sale yesterday, and among other things I had my eye out for a cheap jacket to use to make my little dog a coat.

It isn't done yet, but I'll post more pics when it is. I didnt' think to take pics until I'd started cutting and it became clear that it was going to work, so I stuck the pieces back together to give you the idea. He is delicate with a skinny waist and a deep chest. I had already sized down a grey hound pattern I found instructions for on line.

So for 50 cents I got a women's extra large quilted jacket, kind of a blah brown. But the inside is a nice shiny copper color - same color as my dog's brindle markings so I'm going to use it inside out. He really seems to like the coat - he won't leave it alone.

I decided to cut the arms off thinking they are the perfect shape for a simple coat (Picture the rounded part over the rump):

But I really want to make him some warmer coats with more coverage for the upcoming NH winter.

I next cut the sides out and realized that when I laid it out the shape was very similar to the typical dog coat pattern shape. Remember this looks funny cuz I already cut it and reconstructed so I could show my thinking process.

Here is the pattern that I'd already made, cut out of an old tablecloth, so I could make sure it would fit.

It hadn't really registered from my reading patterns how people incorporated the existing collars - but I saw that the neck for the dog pattern was basically the same shape as the jacket collar and I put it up to the collar and cut it out, keeping the collar.

I have cut the collar down so it won't wrap around his neck.

The parts that now will close under his chin had collar attached. It looks too long here and it may be a little, but it slipped when I stepped back to take the photo.

I'll post more pics when I finish, hopefully in the next couple of days. I need to make a breast plate that has ties that go up and velcro up over his back, and velcro for the front. Then a little dart in the back top cuz his rump curves down. Finally I've got to finish all the edges that need it with bias tape, which I'm hoping I have on hand.

Thanks for looking.


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Looks like he is a good model!! Not jumping around & trying to get it off. Could you put a couple of tabs to go underneath his body so it would fit close to keep cold out, with Velcro closures? If you don't have any bias tape could use fabric the same color cut on bias, best to iron it folded over so easier to put on. Jan

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He is an amazingly good model. He knows he needs a coat, he gets so cold even on cool mornings. I have a little fleece one that I bought in the spring on sale. He has worn it quite a bit this summer! It won't be warm enough for winter. He's almost hairless on his underside.

I am going to attach tabs to the breast plate where it ends up in his middle, and those will go up around his sides and velcro on top of his back. This is my practice jacket to perfect the sizing. I may even make him little booties.


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Your dog is cute and I'm sure that coat will keep him warm.

I have two dobermans and last year I made each of them 3 winter coats, light, medium and a heavy one with fleece fabric. I was looking at the Blue Willow Dog Coats and made my own pattern. When I made their heavy coat I doubled the fleece and made an extra long collar so I could cover their ears when it gets really cold, they love the winter and I hate it.

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Looking great, Kathy. Makes me want to make one for my dog...except I don't have one. Maybe a friend's dog would like one. The booties would be great too. I just saw some in the Granite Gear outlet store near here and was thinking how easy they would be to make.

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I needed a coat today! I have cut out the breast plate and the wrap up for the winter coat, but they need some tweaking. So I went back to the idea making a quick coat from one of the sleeves.

I cut out a neck:

And added a tie to tie it up:

Its pouring rain today, and we have to go out so I added some rain proof fabric with velcro, so it comes off:

We took Iggie out, when we got back I decided to try on the Halloween costume a friend gave me:

He doesn't like the hat, but he loves loves the t-shirt. He really does get cold the poor little thing.

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Poor baby, he needs a belly blanket!! Maybe he can read & doesn't like that it says"prisoner"!LOL He may need some more of those T-shirts even in the house! As dogs age they seem to have same problems as people!(Can't walk well, limp, cold a lot, don't like to move around much) I can relate, I worked too hard yesterday & could hardly move this morning! So are you taking him "trick or treating"? Jan

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Kathy, that's one lucky dog that you're so talented. He'll be the warmest and best dressed dog on the block. Too cute.

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