jenni_caSeptember 25, 2007

Just made this cute little turkey barrett.

Another new for me is woven ribbon headbands.

Fun stuff!!

Now I just have to find little girls to give them to.

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Oh Jenni - those are just so cute!

My little girls aren't so little anymore,- it was sure fun while it lasted though. Those headbands would have been a big hit here a few years ago, but at 12 and 14, they are into sporty stuff now.

You do a great job!

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Jenni - that turkey is SO cute! would you be willing to share the directions?

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Oh my, I don't have any directions. I had seen one and just kind of made one. I wish I could tell you how I did it but all I did was cut some ribbon and makes the loops and glue them onto a barrett.

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