Help! I need keys---

nonacookSeptember 6, 2007

I want to do some innkeepers keys and some Santa keys. I cannot seem to find any skeleton keys anywhere. Do any of you know a source for me. I tried the Voy craft archives, and none of the links there still had keys. I also want them to be 'cheap'! I need at least a 100.

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Here's a few sites I found.

I'll be on the look out for you.

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My husband cut out some "Santa Keys" for me on his scroll saw. They are cute. I will paint and decorate them and attach a poem that came with the pattern. What is an Innkeeper's Key? like from Bethlehem? Is there a poem to go with it?

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Several years ago, I did the innkeeper key as my Christmas cards. I purchased my skeleton keys at walmart. I have seen them there since then.

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Most hardware stores that cut keys keep them in stock....if you haven't checked there already. Then again there is the flea market another wonderful reason to go junkin'.
If you get desperate check out eBay.

good luck!

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I was going to suggest eBay also. Factory Direct Craft Supply also has a site on eBay and the prices are a bit lower than their direct site.

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Nonacook - I have a friend from eBay who gives me a good deal on things - she sells craft supplies. Let me contact her and she if she's got the skeleton keys and how much for each and for a lot of 100.

Do you have specifics for length or anything like that (color, rusty, black, silver, etc.)?


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