Using oven as warming "drawer"

phillyfeetDecember 10, 2013

I really do think I could use a warming drawer when we remodel; however, most electric wall ovens have a warm feature. I was wondering if anyone uses this feature in lieu of a warming drawer. Trying to see if i can avoid the loss of storage if another appliance can pull double duty. (especially since i am thinking about losing storage space by adding refrigerator drawers).

Just for reference, we will have a 36 inch gas range and most likely a 30 inch wall oven, so i don't see needing the warming drawer and oven at the same time for those occasions when i want to keep dinner warm.


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You can, and I have, but the issue is if you need to use both ovens for other cooking and then can't use it as a warming drawer. I have had that issue a few times personally.


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I use the oven but I have two of them. Make sure the thermostat goes low enough. 150-170 F. There might be more of a reason to have it if you have one oven.

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Great, thanks!
I was looking at the Electrolux Icon and DCS wall ovens and i'm pretty sure they go that low, but i'll definitely double check the manual.

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If I turn my oven to 150-170 degrees, is that the equivalent to performing as a warming drawer or am I missing something from the capabilities of a warming drawer? I'm just not attuned too much to what these do but I have observed from my neighbors how popular they are.

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I have a Wolf oven and a GE Advantium Speed Oven.
I frequently use my Advantium as a warming oven and it works great.
I wanted to put a warming oven in but budget and space nuked it.
It takes a bit of planning to make it work.

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Does anyone add a pan of water to the oven when using it as a warming drawer? I heard that a warming drawer keeps things from drying out and the pan of water does the same when using the oven as a warming drawer. I have never added water as the things I am keeping warm I usually want to be somewhat crisp.

Oven as warming drawer works great for french toast which I put on cookie sheets as they are cooked until I have enough made for everyone (plus some).

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Some claim to keep moist stuff moist and crisp stuff crisp, but so will your oven.

Some WDs are fan assisted so it might keep things crisper but so would your oven with the convection on. A gas oven will vent out more of the humidity. Another thing I do is have cooling racks that fit my half sheet and anything that needs to be crispy, I put on the rack with convection so air circulates underneath and the bottom side doesn't lay on the pan and steam and get soggy.

If you want to keep stuff moist, uncovered, in the WD, you would have to be able to turn the fan off. If you can't turn the fan off, you can keep the moist stuff moist by covering it. Electric ovens hold more humidity so might be able to hold some things uncovered depending on the oven. With a gas oven I would probably always cover something that needed to stay moist. Judeny, that is a great idea if you need more moistness and can't cover the food you could add a pan of water.

In order for the warming drawer to provide a moist environment, it would have to have a minimum exchange of air and the fan off. For crispy things, you would have to be able to increase the exchange of air and have a fan. Maybe there is one that can do both, with a louver or something, along with an and off and on, on the fan.

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wekick - thanks for the detailed info. that is a great explanation.

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Good idea about the cooling racks. Thanks.

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