What are you working on?

sweets98September 2, 2007

On the Decorative and Tole Painting forum a few months back someone asked this question and it seemed to get a lot of response. Sometimes we don't have much to show right now but we have made a LOT of progress on projects that we have been working on. So what if we start like a weekly post or something asking what we're up to?

I can see that this board is picking up again and that makes me really happy! I spent A LOT of hours here about 6 years back and I wish this place could be like it was in the old days!

So what am I working on?

Last night I started to cut the fabric and iron the seams for my new curtains for my bedroom. They aren't anything spectacular, just muslin tiers but it's what I want! I have this cream crocheted valance that I absoultely love in my bedroom and right now it's paired with a checked fabric...sounds strange but I like the combo. It's just time for a change and I decided a nice cream simple tier would be best :)

I started a yo-yo quilt about two years ago. Last fall I started working on it big time up until about February, when I guess I got sick of it! LOL I have picked it up a bit here and there and started working on a few more yo-yo's, not a lot, just trying to ease back into it.

I have a few other projects that I'm thinking of starting but I'm not sure yet. Some painting I want to do around the house mostly.


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I am determined to get my house clean!

Now that doesn't sound like much fun does it? LOL

I want to make some wool felt candle wraps - but need to get to the shop to get some new felt. I have lots of scraps that I should use up.

I am getting excited for the fall season - I love to get out my fall decorations (after my house is clean :0) )

I stash all my Halloween magazines in the tubs with the fall decorations - so it is like getting new magazines when I bring that stuff down from the attic.

I sure miss the Country Marketplace magazine - I am glad I kept my old seasonal copies.

I like the Martha Stewart holiday mags to, but I find with her new ones - she repeats lots of projects from years past. They were good ones though!

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I am working on a Thanksgiving wreath for myself, some Halloween gifts for the girls at work, and a sign for a friend to hang on her travel trailer.

I am also hoping to get started painting a pair of old vintage metal lawn chairs that another friend gave me.

If I can get some of these things finished, I also want to start decorating my front porch for fall. It is so hot right now though, that I am not quite in the mood to get that decorating going.

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I managed to get my curtains done yesterday! Went faster than expected because I had few interuptions! :) I'll have to take a picture of them.

I also started on this prim stitchery of a sheep with a crow on it's back and a wreath around the sheep's neck. I got this nice tote bag last weekend for 50¢ at the county fair. It's large and perfect for carrying around my crafts but I didn't like the black and white sketch of some building on the side. I thought I could cover the building with something more me and use it to haul my crafts around in. So I looked around and decided on a sheep and went to town. I want to coffee stain the "patch" I think and somehow sew a border to the edge when I sew it on the bag.

iowagirl2006, I'm also in the cleaning up mood! My house didn't bother me until I was gone all last week, then I came home and decided things needed picked up! I have a huge urge to go through all my craft stash areas (I don't have a craft room or one space large enough) and toss things. I have stuff I have been saving for years and I don't think I'm going to use it!

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jewelry...but I'm having to push myself! I always get a lazy streak during the dog days of summer!! UGH!!
I have show the weekend in October and I won't ever be ready at this snails pace!! UGH!!! ARGH!!!


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I just finished this rather strange tin ceiling tile project which originally was going to have decorative roses painted on it... and I wasn't up to the challenge. So I ended up making a Sculpey rose as the central focus of it. It's... different. :-)

Otherwise I'm trying to de-summer the look of the house and make things cheerfully fall.

I'm also putting together some gift baskets.

Never enough time, hm?

Here is a link that might be useful: My crafting/thrifting/vintage decorating blog

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Other then the pumpkins I have posted I have been mostly trying to get my house cleaned, I have so much yard work that not alot gets done inside,I have started painting my tv cabinet in a dark purple with a black glaze over the purple, deciding color has been hard for me I have a open floor plan so everything needs to kinda flow together, my family room is still white, I so hate to paint rooms so want to get it right the frist time.

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I'm getting ready to start a bathroom remodel. Spending lots of time shopping for that. I'm making pumpkins from 4x4 poles. I'm also starting on some Halloween decorations that I'm hopefully going to be cutting out myself and painting. We'll see how that goes. And my veggies are finally coming in so baking lots of zucchini bread, dehydrating peppers and eating lots of mater sandwiches!! mmm :) Anj

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getting ready for a craft show Nov 10. Making yo yo flags, finally finished all my pre-sales, start making them for the show.

Thinking about Christmas gifts, too. No ideas yet. Maybe fleece ponchos or something for family moved to Green Bay

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I finally took a pic of my curtains today! Once I get the bag done, I'll post it. Right now the coffee is drying on it and I just have to sew the patch on the bag! :)

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Made new curtains for our preschool. Nothing fancy - just simple panels from really cute material. Decided Tuesday we needed new curtains - went and got material - and finished all nine panels Tue and Wed evening. They look nice and bright in the room.

Going to put together a scrapbook kit for a new mom for tomorrow evening. Hope she will use it!

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trying to get my canning done - lots of jam to make and the salsa and pickles never end! I also found a CHEAP jewelery and bead store on eBay and am buying beads like crazy to get Christmas gifts done - turning cool here fast, so will be switching to fall colors and getting ready for winter like the squirrels!

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Sweets, your curtains turned out good. Can't wait to see the finished bag. I like the stitchery on the wall too and the flag, and the slate, and the pitcher,and the table, etc. ha :) ~Anj

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LOL....well, I painted the slate, made the stitchery and flag..the table was a throw away of my BIL and ex-SIL's. Jeremy and I have had that for the last 9 years and at first I just had it because it was a table and now I have it because I LOVE it. It fits in well! The pitcher and basin, I just got that from my hubby's step grandmother. She went to live in a personal care home and MIL and FIL cleaned out her house and MIL swore she didn't have a place for the set and nobody else wanted it. I have a chamber pot on the floor and they're made by the same company so it was meant to be and the best part was, it was FREE! :)

Gotta take pics of the bag yet. I started on a new project, re-doing the laundry room!

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