Convections loud in general?

Linda37160December 20, 2012

Ok I read one post so I going to buy that brand then I go to another post and choose another brand. Now I am SO CONFUSED.

Some of the post are old so I don't know if they apply to new models.


Could you respond what you know about the new models? I have got to place my order next week.

I really like the looks of the Whirlpool with big oven door. BUT!! LOL

Thanks for all replys, Linda

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I have a frigidaire gallery range with convection and you can hardly hear the fan in the oven. Over the range hood or mixer not at all I have worked in commercial kitchens and those convection ovens are loud

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Convection fans are not generally loud and you can turn them off if you want. On the hand, people do complain about the noise from cooling fans that some ovens have to cool off the electronics - they continue to run after you shut off the oven and you can't turn them off.

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thanks for the response so any opinion on the new models which are REALLY loud..

I need opinion on new models are at least the one you buy now.

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I have the GE Cafe series double ovens and have not noticed any noise when its in convection mode.

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I think they are loud. I also think my 42 dB dishwasher is loud, though. YMMV.

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A 42 DB dishwasher is hardly audible over most home background noise, if you can hear it and it bothers you then you must be sitting at home alone with nothing else at all running and be over sensitive.

I have a 53 dB dishwasher and its quiet enough. I can hear soft motor noises and water sloshing sounds but its not so loud that you can't have a conversation at normal volume in the room. I can even stand in front of it on the phone and they can't hear it on the other end.

if you think an oven fan is loud at home go to a bakery or restaurant that uses commercial convection ovens and take a listen then tell me if yours is loud.

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