checking in with oddie

huggybear_2008September 23, 2008

Hi oddie,

this is joanc0904 who made the Christmas Swags last year and almost killed herself putting them out in the snow.. I finally was able to post some pics of my swags but had to change my user name as my computer was messing up and I got broadband and things just would not work right under my old name.. so now I am using the name of huggybear_2008 so if you ever see that name , it is the lady from Northern Kentucky across from Cincinnati, Ohio.. If I remember correctly you are from southeast ohio..


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Hi huggybear! tried takeing a look at your swags, but the pictures are to small for my eyes, could you post them agine and not use the side show,( goes to fast ) sorry to be such a pain, but would love to see your swags! iam sure others would also.
yes I live in portsmouth ohio, about two hour drive from you, gosh wont be long till we will be seeing snow agine, hope you have better luck this year!

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See if this works better for you Oddie, It may also help if you double click on the pic and it will make it bigger , at least if does for me.. you may end up seeing some of my other pics in this group.. sorry about that..some are my thriftstore finds and some are my time out dolls that I make and some are the geese clothes I make. Hope this works better for you.. And yeppers we are just a few hours away from each other.. Maybe someday we can go have a cup of coffee when I do not have to work..

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Oh yes thats so much better, and what beautiful swags! I like the red one the best, but they are all beautiful! love seeing your other crafts also not much of a sewer myself but I admire all the hard work and time spent makeing the dolls.
as always love seeing everyones crafts TFS!
coffee sounds great,and when might you not have to work?
Happy Crafting

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Oddie, I work 5 days a week and usually my weekends are open,It would be fun to drive to your area, maybe bring my grandson and he could take some photos on the way.. he is a big photo bug..the trees will be changing soon and your area is just awesome when the trees change. I love seeing your crafts you do such a beautiful job. I do most of my crafts in the winter as I am stuck inside no garden to work in. by the way if you saw that old photo of me , that was taken years ago , and I now have all white hair and many more wrinkles..LOL I use winter to crochet and relearning how to knit..I know but I think I have been doing it all wrong so want to learn the right way. I sew a lot.and I am always looking for new ideas..
Look forward to meeting you for coffee.. we will do it before the weather changes..

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