Wolf 36" ag or dual fuel range

maggiejuneDecember 8, 2013

Hi. We are at the point in our build when I have to pick appliances. I am definitely getting the Wolf combi steam oven but cant
decide between the Wolf 36" all gas range or the dual fuel. The ag is a new model this year I think. Its basic no timer/self clean. The dual fuel has lots of bells an whistles but is it worth the extra $2,500. It seems like most of my roasting/baking will be in the steam oven. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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I would go with AG, much simpler technology, plus you will already have an electric oven and all the electronic contols with your combi.

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Will the AG bake evenly? I often bake large amount of baked goods and would love to have the ability to fill the oven. My current 30" oven does not bake evenly. The dual fuel has two fans, the AG still has one. Thanks for your input!

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The Wolf Df bakes beautifully and you can fill it and everything will bake evenly. It is a fabulous oven. Unfortunately my oven started with the blue enamel chipping at a little over 4 years of age. It is out of warranty. After back and forth with Wolf the most they will do is pay a small portion of labor and supply the part. The labor starts at $800 with no cap and they will only warranty the part for a year. With their ongoing issues, I don't want to do that. Some have been through multiple ovens. This has been an ongoing issue with Wolf and they did replace ovens that did this even four years out. No longer do they do this. The new wall ovens have replaceable bottoms to make them cheaper to repair. The ranges do not. Before this happened I was a huge fan of the Wolf Df. When I bought it they told me I would not need an extended warranty because Wolf would stand behind it. This is no longer the case.
I too am looking to replace it with something that bakes as well.
Search blue chipping on this forum.

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I have a 30-inch Wolf AG. I've baked cakes, cookies, muffins, breads, etc. and they have all baked evenly. I haven't used the convection feature so I can't vouch for that. The oven interior is black on the AG and I don't have any chipping issues and am unaware of any problems with the AG ovens and chipping.

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I have a 36-inch Wolf AG , and I am very pleased with its performance. It browns more evenly than any oven, electric or gas, that I've ever used, and I'm 68 years old. For example I simultaneously baked two half-sheet sized pans of yeast rolls recently, and I was delighted that both the tops and the bottoms of both pans of rolls were nicely browned.

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Thank you for your input. I am leaning towards the AG but I am nervous to buy it. It is less expensive than the dual fuel but it is still expensive. I have looked at other brands of 36" ranges but Wolf seems to have the best reputation (except the chipping which is something to think about). Also they have service reps in my area. I am going to go back to the appliance store today to look again.

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Also how hard is it to clean the AG? I would rather get an answer from a consumer than the sales rep!

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