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dailycollectorSeptember 12, 2007

I'm not sure where to post this. Sorry, if it's in the wrong forum. But I figured you guys have some great ideas, so I thought you might be able to help me. My dear friend will be turning 50 in November. I want to send her 50 items, progressivly, up to the actual date. Each day she'll open a present, and it will have the appropriate amount in it. EX: day 1, 1 item; day 2, 2 items, etc. She lives out of state, so I'm going to mail them all in one box, with instructions to start on a specific date (which will be 49 days before her birthday).

However, I'm having a REALLY hard time trying to come up with ideas, and I want it to pertain to friendship. I was thinking of a 1957 penny for day 1, a candy gram (which date will be determined by how many candy and sayings I can come up with.); pencils for all the letters she writes me. However, I can't think of anything else. HELP!!

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Ummm... I guess things like diamonds and rubies are out?

So... small, easy to send... and possibly worthwhile?

Individually wrapped candies or gum could cover several different days.

Seeds/seed packets if she is a gardener.

Tea bags come in boxes of various numbers of teabags.

For silly items you could go see the kids party favor items.

Other "toys" could work, including bouncy balls.

Some of those sample sized perfumes.

A set of nail polish? They come in all different size packs, too.

Set of memo pads.

Colored pencils.

Is she a crafter? Craft items are always cool... and many can be made to fit numbers... like beads, thread, paints, etc.

Oooo - silk flower stems... they have "numbers" of flowers

Box of notecards

Marbles - either silly ones or the ones you use in vases. (They could be for replacing the ones she is losing since reaching the big 50)

New kitchen washcloths.

Disposable camera with "number" of shots

Candy... preferably chocolate (I know I already said that - but well... it's chocolate!)

There really are so many!

Diane - also a 1957 baby : )

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Some sort of pastries in a Baker's Dozen?

A journal

Scrapbooking items or stickers-- particularly those pertaining to friendship

Charms for a charm bracelet based on mutual things you've experienced

A calendar for the next year with important friendship anniversary items marked (first time we went to such-and-such place), etc.

Some candles (in any number you'd like) :-)

Favorite soaps


It's a lovely idea, you know. Your friend is going to be absolutely thrilled at your thoughtfulness, no matter what combination of items you decide on.


Here is a link that might be useful: My crafting/thrifting/vintage decorating blog

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See, I knew you could help me! Thanks for the great ideas!!

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How about gathering pictures of the two of you together to copy and send?

A blank recipe book with a "number" of favorite recipes to share.


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50 suckers -labeled "50 sucks"

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You might try searching out those kits that were popular a couple of years back like the "Friendship Means a Mint" kit or the "Stressed Survival Kit" - lots of cute little sayings to go with each item - e.g. - a needle and thread to sew up our friendship....
might help?
Good luck with it, and I agree with the other poster who said your friend will love whatever you send simply because you spent so much time on it.
Suzan J

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pre stamped post cards so she can "keep in touch"...
a whisk with candies inside that says "whisking you a happy birthday"
apple jolly ranchers that say "you are the apple of my eye"

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How about a roll of pennies for "THE DAY"
Tea Bags
Individually Wrapped Candies (or other special treat that means something to your friendship)

Make up a poem (similar to 12 Days of Christmas) for her to read, going backwards
50 days till my birthday and my "crazy/special/loving"friend gave me a chocolate chip cookie just for me...

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