craft show display ideas please

danaohSeptember 7, 2007

I will not have a corner booth, but a larger one on a wall. Trying to figure out a way to "wall off" the sides.

Was thinking maybe a clothes rack with material on it (if I can find one on freecycle or a garage sale), It would stand on the floor between my table and my neighbor. But I think those are something that people hang onto.

The other idea (but I have to keep it really cheap, this is my only show) is to make the same type thing out of pvc and stand it on the table. I could put pvc, or even curtain rods into a short piece of pipe screwed onto I don't know what they are called, little round pieces of metal so that the pipe stands up. Then hang the material over that.

Any other ideas?

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The PVC idea is a really good and cheap one.

Years ago my husband made something similar out of PVC to hang our club's banner at the entrance to a sale. Some of the pieces were glued together, but not all - so that it was really easy to break down into easy to store components.

He used "T"s at the bottom to make straight out legs so it was sturdy and stood on its own. There was a bar across the bottom for stability (just another piece of PVC stuck into T's a bit up from the bottom on the uprights) and of course - the bar across the top.

I made the banner, too... and just made it like a curtain with a casing, which the PVC rod across the top slipped into.

If you made one of those you could paint, or draw, or crayon (or anything!) either a message that had to do with what you were selling or something else to draw customersto your booth... right on the fabric.


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Danaoh, depending on what's going to be on either side of your own craft table you might consider using lattice work - if there's space it can become an invaluable additional area for hanging things, it divides your space from others and doesn't block all the light -
maybe an idea? Also if it's a Christmas show and you have power access, you can hang mini lights on the lattice to brighten things up.
Happy Crafting!
Suzan J

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I used (2) 4x8 panels of lattice for our clubhouse 'attic sales'. By simply adding hinges in 3 places to join the two pieces-then using wire or heavy duty velcro which I ran thru one of the lattice holes & secured to the legs of my table-it worked great! Used 'S' hooks to hang items on the lattice.

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