Advise on Gluegun

nyboySeptember 10, 2012

Hi I would like to get a hot glue gun. I know nothing about them, is there diffent types? What should I look for? Are any better then others? What about glue sticks?

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I'm not real experienced but since no one else has answered. I have 2. Both from Wal Mart and the cheapest. They are electric. I have one that is high temp that uses the bigger glue sticks and the other is low temp which uses the smaller sticks. I really like the low temp because the glue comes out in small amounts but it doesn't allow for gluing large things fast. Because it seems to cool off to fast. The hi temp gets really hot if you happen to get it on fingers etc and will blister. But good for larger areas etc. So if you haven't already gotten one you may want to consider what you are going to use it for first. The stands are nice but I just let mine drip in a plastic lid and throw it away after awhile. I think most of them have little leg things so you don't have to lay them on their side. I melted a spot on my table because I didn't use the stand up thing.

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Get the big one it works better the little ones arent as hot.

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Go to Michael's craft store and check out all the different types of glue guns. Then you can choose the right one for your particular needs.

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