What are you working on 9/23?

sweets98September 26, 2007

Okay, I'm slacking this week!

What is everyone up to this week?

I haven't worked on much so far! :(

I dug in the shed and got out a few fall items. There is another box in there but I can't get to it and DH has been "too busy" to get in there, too. Most of the stuff I have had for YEARS (like way back in 2001 when I lived here at this forum!) and I still like some of it but I need to Prim them up a bit to make them go with my decor now.

I did research, looking for a few new fall items that I could make. I mostly want to find things to put on the porch. DH has been busy building his new tree stand that I call the "Lodge" so I have had a lot of scrap pieces of lumber. I think I'm making a few stacking blocks with fall sayings and words.

Oh, I made a new shower curtain last week and got it up.....I LOVE the new look! I finally decided to use a color other than blue as the main focus in that room. I have a terrible obsession with navy blue and especially if it pertains to checks or plaids! LOL

Before and After :)

Last weekend I finally made it into our Habitat for Humanity ReStore and I LOVED it! I found an old wooden solid door for $15. (DH found a Wagner Power Sprayer for $15 that he's definitely gotten his money's worth out of already! LOL) I have been looking for an old door for at least a year but couldn't found a good deal. I want DH to make me a headboard from it. I got two old posts for nothing out of an old barn that came from an old house stair railing. They aren't stained of painted and the door is so I think I'm going to paint the posts and distress everything. I can't wait!

...that reminds me...I need to take a picture of the other old post that I got from that barn. It's the corner post that goes at the bottom or on the landing of the stair way. It was painted white and the paint was chipping but chipping way past being just a little distressed. I painted it and rubbed stain on it last week and it's holding a plant in our bedroom now :)


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I just finished a solar light that dazzles in the day as well as night. After looking at all you gals' decorating, I thought I should decorate for Fall and I put a porch display together with things I had laying around. I know that it is not spectacular, but arranging is not a strength of mine....crafting is-----but I tried and it looks better than nothing :)

Thank you all for the inspiration! Keep up the good work (so I can copy---hehe).

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Sorry I haven't been working on anything yet this week. My grandmother died yesterday so a lot of other stuff going on.

Leslie~ I left a post over on PM, but I'll tell ya again, your bathroom looks maaavelous. :) Another cute sign there for me to covet too.

Quidam~ Love your solar light! It's beautiful! And I think you did a good job on your decorating. It all looks very nice. I know a few people over on Holidays that would be "crowing" over those roosters. ha I really like the old chair. ~Anj

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Yes, Anj, you might see some double posting if you go to PM, too! LOL I was going to come here and send you a message telling you who I was over there just so you knew but I think you figured it out! LOL

I'm sorry about your grandmother. :( I have been incredibly bored because my friend and I talk EVERY day and she's been busy because her cousin killed himself. It's been really hard on the family :(

Quidam, that is a pretty light! I have a bowling ball that I covered with mirror pieces a few years ago that I still just love so much! It's a lot of work but it's worth it!

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Thanks Leslie~ my gma was 89 and had Alzheimers, hasn't known anyone or been communicative for about 5 years and had a lot of other physical health problems. We are sad, but happy for her to move on to a better place.
Sorry for your friends loss. Suicide is always very difficult. I think there is a lot of guilt for the ones left behind because they think that they could somehow have prevented it.
Yes, I figured you out right away on PM cause of course I was looking for you and cheri. ha I'm having fun. Thanks for getting me back over there. Still get a little lost cause there are so many places to visit, but I'm getting it.
I'm gonna try to finish up a few things so I have something to contribute here today. Better go see if my camera is charged up. ~Anj

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