Need Help Decorating Large Tilt Ball Candy Jar

brownliSeptember 24, 2011

Garden Web has helped me remodel a kitchen; craft for pleasure, friends and family; sew; and even cook. But today I submit a new challenge that might even stump Garden Web'sters - the best of the best.

We are donating this very large tilted jar to school auction - it is to have a movie night theme and will be stuffed with other movie night donations - tickets, movie sized candy boxes, popcorn packs, etc. The jar is large, 2gallon - measures 12 inches tall, 12 inches =front opening to back and 8 inches wide.

I need help with suggestions on decorating the jar - it will be set among other decorated baskets that have overwhelming WOW factors, even from a distance - they are large and overdone. I'm already certain this jar will get overlooked and passed easily by the auction bidders unless you guys can seriously help me!

I'm trying to accomplish:

1) initial WOW that will interest bidders long enough to stop, read the printed content of the jar and its overall worth. (this would be the overall WOW decoration factor and possibly for the most part, if not all, the 'packaging-presentation of the jar).

2) help the bidder quickly visualize future, multiple uses of the jar once home. (memorabilia, packaged snack food items, hand towels, crafting supplies, shells - I don't know HELP!)

Any decoration ideas for the jar itself, need to be temporary (even if reusable), in that I don't want to paint or otherwise alter the jar itself. That said, the knob does screw on/off and I'm trying to think how to bring that into play, if at all.

Please help if you can....I'm really stumped and this is due Monday....and of course, it's Saturday now.

Thank you all, even for reading through this....

Here is a link that might be useful: 2 gallon Tilted Candy jar

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I think the jar should be open so that the stuff inside can be seen. (Maybe you can put the cover underneath, or even lightly tape it to the bottom or back so it doesn't get lost.) Have what looks like a large curving piece of film coming out of the opening for at least a foot with either some of the prizes attached to it or writing (or pics) of what some of the major ones are in the "frames" of the film. I keep thinking of flickering light like from a movie inside the jar. Battery operated led "tea lights" flicker. Light would attract attention. Even a strand of led Christmas lights would get attention. Blinking lights might be appropriate - like a marquee. You can hide the cord coming out under the "film". there are battery operated light strands for wreaths, but they are hard to find at this time of year. A colorful appropriately sized "movie poster" could stand on top or be attached to the side depending on how it is displayed - you could make it on your computer, and it can relate to the auction and why people should bid on this.

I don't think this is "over the top" unfortunately since htat is what youa re looking for. I think people will see that the jar can hold many things.

Good luck.


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Oh - that really is an awesome suggestion! I love GardenWeb! The 'movie frame' film strip is priceless - how did I miss the creative line - I am always in the wrong store, turnstile leading into a major attraction...? You have particularly helped in redirecting my focus to the movies...that is after all what the basket is all about - the jar is simply the medium by which to present the item. Thank you!

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