What are you working on? 9/10

sweets98September 11, 2007

So the what are you working on post seemed to be interesting....would you guys like to keep it going like every week? It's something we could do so we can share our progress and get some inspiration to try new things or finish up our own works in progress?

This week I am working on the laundry room! My laundry room was cream with white wainscot and trim and I threw in Prim antiques with hunter, navy and burgundy accent colors. I liked it, but I didn't LOVE it. (I have redone this area 4 times already, this is the 5th in the last 7 years! I just can't seem to get it right!)

Well, I have grown to love black distressed furniture and cabinets and I just happend to come across a quart of mis-tinted paint at W-M that was black. I bought it because I use a lot of black paint and figured it would get used. Last Thursday DD, 4, and I went to the thirft store and I found a gold and black valance for 50¢ and I decided to do the black cabinets and go for a black, gold and red laundry area. I painted the cabinets Saturday night while DH was at the Penn State v. Notre Dame game and then I started repainting over signs and things I made for the laundry room so that they matched the theme. On Sunday afternoon I decided to dig out the light tan (Bleached Wheat) paint that I had from the other hallway in our mobile home and use that in the laundry. I removed the screws in the wall that I have been covering up for the last few years and decided to use the joing compound to texturize the walls around the washer and dryer because they were so bad looking! Now, the room is painted tan and I have the black cabinets, most of my signs repainted, my curtain up...just have a few more things I want to do yet and I SOOO love it! The best part is, so far the room has only cost me 50¢....the valance! Everything else I have on hand :) I even had light tan rugs to throw down!

Here are two befores...

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Sweets~ can't wait to see how your black cabinets turned out. I've been contemplating painting my hall linen cabinets. I imagine it makes a drastic difference in your laundry room. Look forward to the after pics. :) ~Anj

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Sweets, your laundry room looked pretty cute already with the baskets and your signs. Bet the black and tan will really make them stand out, can't wait to see your pics.

I am such a chicken about painting walls and such. I THINK about it, but usually chicken out! LOL


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Sweets, I can't wait to see your finished room. It looked great to me as it was so it must look stupendous now.

I'm doing a redo of my kitchen... painted the lower cabinets red, added black knobs and pulls, will be putting black tile on the counters and natural stone on two walls, plus some other things.

Just today I did a little thing that had a big impact (for me, at least!)... I painted the knobs on my old stove with that fusion paint... in red.

And yesterday at a thrift store I found an old red and white enamel double boiler in reasonable shape (it is well used in the areas that aren't visible) It was $1! My kind of bargain.

I still really need to do the tiling... we've been living with cement board as our countertops for a couple of months now... but I just haven't gathered the oomph to finish it (fear of tiling badly?)


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Sweets, I can't wait to see the after pics. Sounds really neat. And I love your clothesline, How cute!!!

Diane, What a clever idea!!!

And Sweets, I think that would be a really neat idea to keep this going, maybe that would motivate me to get my projects done!!!

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I may have photos by later today. It just all depends on what I get into! I really only have plans to do touch-ups today and re-do my trim. It's a small room so it shouldn't take long. Although, DD wants to help. As always it's at the part where things have to be just so!

Luvs, it's only paint! If you hate it, you repaint...as I've done 5 times now! LOL I seriously like it this way more than any!

Most of the same things are going back in the laundry room, just with some color changes. Like I want to make new liners for the baskets to match. I'm thinking about making a small quilt hanging to match the colors for the clothesline, too. I need something in the middle there because that's where the water lines hook in and it's ugly!

I asked DH last night about a shelf. I used to have a shelf that rested on the back of the washer and dryer to hold my stuff but he never put it back up after we got the new washer 3 years ago! LOL

Hidiane, I like what you did to your stove! Neato! I have a whole collection of red and white enamelware going. I have two basins, a refrigerator box, a roaster, a dutch oven, 7 pans, one pan that the handle broke on and three lids! LOL

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Ok, I think it's fun to hear what everyone is doing so I vote to try to keep it going too.

Diane~ love the red knobs!

Today I am working on painting a sign for my bedroom which will read...."I love nothing in the world so well as you. ~Shakespeare."

And I'm thinking of painting giant black barn stars on my linen cabinet doors. If I don't like it I can always paint over it like Sweets says.

And I will be delving into the dark recesses of the attic to bring down the kids fall clothing. (Not really dark. I just added that in for dramatic affect!) Yes, it's getting chilly here already. Bummer. Not a fun project, but one I must do nonetheless.


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I know from the D&TP forum that you love Prims...do you belong to any Prim crafting boards? I belong to one at Delphi and one at Prim Mart. They have LOTS of pictures for inspiration if you're interested. Or if you go to HGTV to Rate My Room and do a search for Primitive homes, lots to look at! They'll give you LOTS of ideas! Maybe more than you can even accomplish! LOL

Paint is definitely our friend. It's an easy way to change the whole look or a room or piece without costing a fortune :)

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Sweets~ I don't currently belong to any prim boards. I joined Prim Mart probably about 3-4 years ago, but wasn't ever sure if you needed to have a business or if it was for anybody who likes prim. Just different things that were posted made me nervous that I maybe wasn't supposed to be there. ha I let myself get deleted while I was on vacation (no posts) and never signed back up, but have wanted to. So if you don't have to have a business then I'll go sign back up again today! ha I loved it.

I've visited the RMR and the Delphi sites because you had mentioned them in posts before and I love looking at everyones houses. So wish mine was like theirs, but I'm working at it slowly. Just picked up 3 old bobbins at the TS for $1 each yesterday to use for candle holders in my bedroom. I'm always on the hunt from prim things. Need to get a new sewing machine so I can try my hand at some of the cute ornies and things too.

You are right. I love to paint my walls. Think it's kinda fun. :) ~Anj

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Oh Anj, You need to sign back up for Prim Mart. It's an awesome place!!!
Sweets, I sure wish I could become friends with paint. I just hate to paint, but I do want to add some color to our house. I just need to put my big girl panties on and go for it!!!

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Ok Sweets and Cheri...you talked me into it. ha Wow they have certainly changed things up over there haven't they?? Lots of changes, but looks like even more fun than before!
Cheri~ for some reason that big girl panties comment has just sent me into a spasm of laughter. I'm sure I've heard it before, but for some reason today it hit me funny. Maybe the mental picture of way huge granny panties put on over a painting coveralls that came to my mind. ha ~Anj

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I kept seeing "Prim Country" references... and had no idea it meant primitive! Duh! I was thinking prim and proper... maybe a lot of lace???

That big girl panties was HILARIOUS... I told one of my daughters and she got a big kick out of it too. It's a great sentiment, even cloaked as it is in silliness... because all too often I am held back from doing things, whereas if I just step up and do them they are doable.

Thanks all for your comments on my red knobs :) Are knobs interchangeable? If so - it would be cool if knobs were offered in all different colors - it really perks up the kitchen.

anjabee - lovely line from Shakespeare :) Did you finish it? Do you have a picture? I wish it was getting a bit chillier here in FL - I am sick of the 90s!

sweets - I envy your enamelware collection... just that one set I have is so cheerful. Have you finished your laundry room yet? I seem to be in late summer doldrums getting only small projects accomplished.


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