lightbulb jack o SunnyCA

kudzukweenSeptember 27, 2008

Check out this cute craft by SunnyCA...isn't it sweet?

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Awww, So sweet. Great job SunnyCA.

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I might have used glass paint. It would stay on better but since lightbulb you won't be moving it around much.There is a green crease(indent lines pumpkins have) line,you can just see it to the left of mouth about 1/2 in out. It is same distance out on other side too. Water down same green you used for leaves just a bit. I was loseing light by time i took the pic yesterday. Anyway be sure to go around the bulb & put about 6 lines going from about 1/2 in. from bottom of bulb to little below the leaves. It just gives it the "right" look. Have fun!! Jan

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sunnyca, he is really cute!! I wouldn't have thought to paint the ribs on. I like the way you freehanded his face. Now I just might have to go to dollar store and buy a cheap pack of bulbs LOL. Of course they really aren't cheap, but it's hard to tell when I will get another burned out lightbulb. Will have to get the kids to save theirs (if they remember to). Again, your pumpkin is really adorable!!

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Ohhhh he's a cutie....

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he's adorable SunnyCa...great paint job on him. Thanks for the tip on the 'ribs'...I'll never take an old burned out light bulb for granted

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Thanks, glad you like him. I went to bro.s house tonight & they had cute little magnets on fridge. You can make them in minutes!! Glass globs, clear flat ones & cut out tiny pic of flowers or scene like at beach, just glue on back.Pic needs to be put on with clear glue as will show through the glob let dry & glue on round magnet over the back of pic. That's all! Looked so cute on fridge & sooooo easy to make. Little pic shows through the glob and brightens up fridge! Jan

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