Does Anyone Make Their Own

ivamaeSeptember 30, 2009

Sachet Bags? If so, would you share the ingredients you use?

A want to add maore fragrance to some popurri that I have.

Would this work?

Thanks so much


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Years ago when i ran a little craft group for some women I was working with we made sachets with pot pouri and cinnamon sticks. We decorated the front with applique using fusible web, then ironed the seams with fusing what ever it is called. I still have mine, it looks great but the smell isn't much. I just got some cedar scraplets at the farmers market so I'm going to try to stick a couple in.

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i made little bags put popourri,
i used oils just renewed the oil occasionally "i hang them on handle on bedroom ,bathroom doors.

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I haven't made any for a long time so don't remember what I used except orrisroot. I have a couple of articles that give ideas tho.(I'm trying to organize my craft patterns & ideas into large notebooks )Victoria magazine Dec. 1991 page 116 has Christmas potpourri-2 cups dried cedar tips, 1 1/2 c. bay leaves, 3/4 c.dried orange rind, 1/2 c.cinnamon pieces or chips, 1/4 c. rose hips,2 dried orange slices, 2 pomegranates, 2 pomegranate stars, 2 doz. assorted pinecones of all sizes, 2 Tbs. orrisroot chips or cellulose chips,10 drops cinnamon oil,5 drops bergamot oil,1 drop pine oil. Gild some pinecones, bay leaves & 1 pomegranate with a good gold color paint, let dry, Mix orrisroot & oils in small container. Place remaining ingredients in another container with a tight fitting lid. Add the orrisroot/oil mixture to it cover & put in dark cool place, shake occasionally for 2 or 3 weeks. Place in pretty bowl. To make the dried orange slices Cut juice oranges thinly & place on rack in a single layer put in oven at 200degrees with door ajar. Bake until they are thoroughly dry to the touch. About 12 hrs.or dry slices in a dehydrator. Victoria 1987/88 winter magazine suggests making nosegays(sachets) of dried flowers, I dry roses & buds from mini roses, fragrant herbs & cinnamon sticks. I think huggybear made sachets of lavender, don't know if she had anything else in them or not. Look at Dec. 2008 stuff down at bottom here & you should come across her beautiful ones. Another article I have suggests tea leaves, garden herbs like cinnamon, whole allspice, whole cloves, rosemary, thyme,vanilla bean ,lemon balm, adding fragrance oils,such as rose, lavender,orange, better pharmacies & health food stores are places to get the oils, not same as extracts-much stronger & keep away from kids-could be very dangerous(bro. was saved by having had ice cream before he climbed in stove & got mom's peppermint oil. He reeked for quite awhile. ice cream coated his throat & stomach. Dried apples have been popular in recent yrs also but some of this stuff is strictly for a fancy bowl of potpourri & some could be used as sachets, I had article on making your own lotions & sachets & bath salts etc, but I can't find it . So hope this helps! Jan

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Dry flowers upside down (free), use the petals. Shave a heavy scented bar of soap on your kitchen grater. Lasts a long time.

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If you use orris root and esential oils the scent is renewable by adding more oils. The orris root is permiable like a sponge and soaks up the oils.

If you want to go the cheaper route, you can also renew anything that is in it by adding a casing at the top of the bag.

Sew the sides leaving 3/4 inch open at the top. On the wrong side turn under 1/4 inch then down 1/2 inch and sew down. Run a cord all the way around through both casings and tie in a knot at the end. Go to the other side and run a cord all the way around the opposite way. Now your bag will close by pulling on both cords at once.

Open it up, fill the bag with what you want to use, and pull it closed. Then use both ends to tie a double knot and hang by both cords.

When you want to refresh it. Untie the knot, Dump the old stuff out and fill it again. Pull both cords and tie a double knot and you are back in business

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San Francisco herb has a good selection of both edible herbs and popourri ones. If you ask for a catalog, there will be some good receipes and they sell the oil also.

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