Stenciled Pumpkins

kudzukweenSeptember 30, 2008

I think I forgot to mention that my grandson and I stenciled these pumpkins using paper doilies as a template. Really great idea I got from Better Homes and Gardens magazine.Since they're painted and not carved they'll last a long time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Love this site lots of cool things!
Thanks for sharing!!

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I copied the directions off when I went to your neat website!! And the ornament dough & some other things!! Very interesting! Glad you mentioned problems & hints too. Liked the idea of little tray for silverware chimes,lots of cool things to make!! Jan

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What a neat blog! And it loaded so fast on my dialup connection.

I love to paint pumpkins - they just last so much longer. I love the stenciled look.

I always give mine a coat of clear spray paint. They look nice shiney - and it protects the paint if you have them outside.

I have never made the cinammon ornaments with gelatin and cornstarch. Looks interesting.

I just use cinnamon, applesauce, & elmers glue. I made them when my kids were litte - so in case they did decide to munch on one, it wouldn't be so bad (just would taste very cinnamony!)

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Awww, thanks ya'll! My niece came over last night with a bag of mini pumpkins and we painted hers :) Thank you so much for the nice compliments on my blog! *blush*

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Kudzu, your not only very talented and graceous. Your a beautiful lady. I feel very blessed to have gotten to know you and the others....Your stuff is wonderful...

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Thank you so much Leveta! I feel the same way about everyone on the Garden Web,too. Finding this site has brought out talents in me I didn't know I had, and I'm very grateful to everyone who has helped me on my journey:) God Bless!

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Love your blog! and the cute pumpkins! glad you are here shareing with us all your talents! and god bless you for being such a shareing person!

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