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PurplemoonSeptember 14, 2008

Does anyone else ever look at stuff on eBay and get ideas?

I don't have the imagination so many of you crafters do, so I need all the help I can get. LOL.

I saw two cute Fall things on there now that really appealed to me. Especially since some of you make your own grapevine wreaths. I am not sure I can post two links in a message so may have to do the bottles in another.


Here is a link that might be useful: vine house

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Here are the cute lighted bottles that I liked how the decor was done.
Let me know if sharing eBay stuff isn't a good idea and I won't do it again.


Here is a link that might be useful: lighted bottles

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I do! I do look at ebay and Etsy for a lot of my ideas..and to check the pricing. I like that house shaped wreath. I'm betting I can make myself a wreath that doesn't have to be round...because I have this half moon shaped leaded window in my new front door. Maybe a rectangle or square one :) Thanks for a different wreath idea. My husband wants a clear storm door, and I wouldn't let him get it because I'd just made a round grapevine wreath that would have to go if he put one up. I used these nice realistic looking magnolias, some purple/blue tiny flowers,some gold colored queen annes lace and a whole roll of blue wire edged ribbon! LOL I know I know, I could've taken it down for the door, but ...nah:)
I like the idea of sharing ideas from ebay..keep it up:)
I tried my hand at the lighted wine bottles. I made one with the cord coming out over the top, then the DH insisted on getting a drill bit for a hole in the bottom for making the lights come out. I think it was Oddie who made all the wonderful wine bottle lights that were my first inspiration, and I've since bought things for making the bottle lights. I think they're just beautiful:)

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Here are instructions for a wreath shaped like a square window with panes. Scroll down about 3/4 of the page. It could be dressed up for any occasion.

Here is a link that might be useful: Four Calling Bird Wreath

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kudzu, keep firm on that NO storm door. LOL. Can't have those ugly ol' things messing up your decor. Men, just have to be practical don't they?

Adella, I like that wreath. And bookmarked the site to browse more. Thanks for sharing it.


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I have a clear storm door and still hang wreaths on my door! I have two wreath hooks on the same door - one for inside and one for between the doors.


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love those winebottle lights you posted, sooo cute, been thinking what about useing the glass jugs insted of winebottles, would go with the fall decorating, and could be painted on also, maybe some sunflowers or something so you dont see all the lights, just a idea to throw out.
always looking for ideas myself and yes most are borrowed!
would love to see photos of your lights.
Happy Crafting

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oddie, I hope you try doing a jug. Would love to see how one turns out. I think it would be real cute done like you mentioned.

hugs, Karen

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Please post a picture if you do it - I would love to see it!

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Karen,thx for posting these neat ideas. I really like them. The little ghost house is so cute and would be easy to do! And I love the light bottles, I done those last year for Christmas, they looked so neat. Please don't ever stop posting all the delightful ideas that you find, we all love them and appreciate you sharing them with us!

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Oh I Love Love those bottle lights. They are so imaginitive...

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If you like making wreaths, you can get some wonderful ideas on making them at Michaels Craft Store. They have so many of them on display. When I go in there, all I can do is stand there and look at each and every one of them. Color jumps out at you everywhere in that store. I was in there today, and they have their Christmas picks out. There's so many that it makes it hard (at least for me) to choose what to buy. It's like my mind is on overload!!

They also made some cute critters using those artificial (foam?) pumpkins. I wish I had half the imagination that some people have, and a mind to help me remember what all I saw LOL.

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donna, I am exactly like you about Michaels. And your last sentence really hit home with me. LOL.


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FlamingO in AR

I think once someone posts a picture of their craft on the internet, it's fair game and they should expect people to look at it, copy it, get ideas from it. Craft blogs are another great place to not only get ideas, but read tutorials on some items. I love finding free patterns and ideas, almost more than I like making things! lol

I'm only sorry that the ebayers aren't getting more money for their things, at $9.99 and $6.99, they can't possibly be making any money, especially after they pay listing and final fees, PayPal fees, take the time to make the listing, etc. For that little dab, I'd much rather sell to a shop directly or do craft shows.

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