Bosch dishwasher cycle timing screwed up

cme10aeDecember 31, 2013

We have a 5 year old model SHX45M (concealed controls) that has performed fine until this week. Now when I choose a cycle it defaults to the cycle timing of a half load instead of a full load, except the half load button isn't lit up.

For example, a "regular" is usually 119 minutes when I choose it. If I then choose "regular" and "half load" it is reduced to 112 minutes, and the "half load" button is lit in addition to the "regular" button. Now, when I turn it on "regular" is lit and the timing is 112 minutes. "Half load" is not lit. If I choose "half load" the timing increases to 119 minutes and the "half load" button lights. the timings are opposite of what they should be. This happens with all available cycle choices.

It still works, but I'd love to get the timing back to normal if possible. We've tried turning the power off to it but that did nothing. I won't spend a few hundred for a new control board.

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We have a similar issue with our bosch. It just keeps going, and going. We've had it for ten years though. The timer we were told, would cost about $350 for our model. We plan a kitchen remodel next year so we're not going to fix this one. What we do now, is set it to the cycle we want and set a timer for when it would normally be done. We then drain the tub and run a 9 minute quick rinse. Works fine.

We would buy this model again, just as an aside.

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Thanks joeboldt. We are also planning a kitchen remodel so we'll most likely replace it in the next couple years. Yesterday it looked like the timing issue was back to normal but today it's all screwy again. I can't help but think it all started with a power brown-out we had last week.

We would buy the same one again, too. I love the Bosch dishwasher design and performance.

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If your D/W is plugged in under the sink try unplugging it for about a minute and then plug it back in. Do this while the start button is engaged but the washer is not running. This will sometimes reset electronic controls.

A brown out can be hard on your electronics and it's always recommended to unplug or not use appliances during brown out periods due to the problems that can occur.

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I think that for certain Bosch models--including yours--there is a "Smart Control" feature that senses soil levels and water temperature and adjusts the time for the loads. This is supposed to be an energy saving feature. See p.18 of your manual under "Wash Cycle Information."

For our own Bosch d/w (different model) I had noticed that the load times would increase or decrease from time to time based on how heavy or light our recent loads had been. Also, if I turn the water heater down while away for vacation, when I come back I might not reset it to be exactly where it had been previously. The d/w times would then vary.

So this is a long-winded way of suggesting that your d/w is probably fine.

As for my Bosch d/w, it's finally given up the ghost after ~7 or 8 years. Switching to a Miele....

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