Xmas tree earrings! Easy!!

sunnyca_gwSeptember 18, 2008

I don't know where GF got idea for these but so simple maybe you all have made them. Xmas tree earrings. 2 gold colored head pins 2 gold colored beads-4 or 5 mm. 6 green starburst (pinwheel) 18 mm. 6 green starbursts 12 mm. 2 red 6mm beads 2 gold earrings kind that look like a shepards hook. Divide the above into 2 piles, Take headpin & stack 1 gold colored bead be sure it is slightly bigger than end of headpin. (trunk)now 2 18mm starburst then 2 12mm starbursts & 1 red 6mm bead make loopin the area above the red bead & be sure everything is on tight,then hook to earring. Repeat for 2nd 1. Very easy, very cute & if you have the supplies on hand don't have to buy anything. They are about 1 1/8 in. long on the part you stacked from gold bead to red bead. I gave them to relatives before xmas last yr & they loved them. Hope you enjoy!! Jan

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Can you post a picture?

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Here are directions for the little xmas tree earrings Kuduzukween was so nice to post for me.(More than a little computer challenged !!) The angel ones I will have directions for mon. The strawberries, 3 with hangers were from "Country Woman J-J issue2007 by Marsha Doyle but I didn't see them as suncatchers but cute little Xmas ornaments so I changed it to a brass 2 in. headpin (found in jewelry making dept at Joanne's or Michael's) add to pin a red seed bead,1 red mm bead, 1 12mm red sunburst,2 18mm red sunburst, 1 25 mm red sunburst, 1 25mm green,1 18mm green sunburst, 1 6mm green bead, pull down tight on head pin & make a loop, add hanger & your ornament is finished. I made 3 of these for each of relatives I make handemade ornaments for each year & they were a "hit" last Xmas!Enjoy!! Jan

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The pics are on "check out these earrings from sunny ca. I wanted to get these up in case anyone wants to make them. If you have done beading before probably have supplies on hand. All take less than 1 hr to make up a pr. Jan

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